🔥👉 After getting RG Kar in the first round, should I upgrade for NRS?

"✅👉 Or just stick to pro version?

If you are just starting out, the RGKar is a great entry-level machine. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a more powerful machine, the NRS may be a better option."

Dr. Paul Mraz
Dr. Paul Mraz

The Chinese economy is the fastest growing in the world. Would it be better to invest in Chinese companies than American companies for growth potential?

Investing in Chinese companies may offer greater growth potential than investing in American companies. This is because the Chinese economy is growing at a faster rate than the American economy. Additionally, Chinese companies may be more likely to experience growth as they benefit from the country's expanding middle class and rising disposable incomes.

Should the EU Parliament be able to initiate legislation?

The EU Parliament should not be able to initiate legislation.

Why did Elon Musk choose China over India for manufacturing..even though NaMo visited him personally?

There are several reasons why Elon Musk might have chosen China over India for manufacturing. Some possible reasons include:

-China has a more developed manufacturing infrastructure than India, which makes it easier to set up and scale production operations.
-China also has a large pool of potential workers with the necessary skillsets, which can help to keep labor costs down.
-The Chinese market is also much larger than the Indian market, which gives Tesla a greater potential customer base.

Why do Trump supporters find it hard to believe that one of the most despised people in America (before and most certainly after his presidency), could lose an election?

There are a number of reasons Trump supporters find it hard to believe that Trump could lose an election. First, Trump has a history of winning elections, both in primaries and in the general election. Second, Trump has a loyal base of support that is unlikely to abandon him. Third, Trump has benefited from a strong economy, which may make voters reluctant to change course. Finally, Trump and his supporters have often accused the media of bias against him, which may make them skeptical of poll numbers that show him trailing.

T.N. Seshan is an inspiring civil servant who made many reforms as the chief election commissioner. Can anyone share such stories of any other civil servant (IAS especially) who brought such "first time reforms to such a post"?


In India, it hasn't always been easy for civil servants to effect change. There have been periodic articles in Kerala's English and Vernacular press on "functionaries who failed". Here's one from 1997: The Indian Express (1997-09-18): Extraordinary civil servants. It recalls many others such as N A Palkhiwala, C Subramaniam (who unsuccessfully tried to revive Bomber Command), Manmohan Singh and N Sitharamam.
The lone example given in the article is G A Kavoor of Kozhikode, who made changes where he was posted between keeping his officials awake at night with his constant knight-like campaigning against corruption and fearless fighting for the cause of the poor and22 homeless. He is a living legend in this part of Kerala today...He is said to be the inspiration for the famous character of Rashid from Malayalam writer M T Vasudevan Nair's classic 'Nirmalyam'.

Is an M202 Flash good for a zombie apocalypse scenario?

No, the M202 is not effective against zombies.

Tell me 5 good things you’re thankful for today? #Thanks #Thankful?

I'm thankful for my family, friends, health, shelter and food.

Why isn't the pain of ear piercings considered child abuse when the parents don't know their daughter would want to go through that?

It is not considered child abuse because it is a relatively minor procedure with little to no risk. Additionally, many children do want their ears pierced and it is generally not considered to be a harmful or abusive act.

Is MIT really as hard as everyone says it is?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone's experiences and perspectives will be different. Some people may find that MIT is more challenging than they expected, while others may find the school to be manageable. It is important to talk to current students and recent alumni to get a sense of what the level of difficulty is like before making a decision about whether or not to apply.

What is the best way to begin understanding news on TV in English?

One way to begin understanding news on TV in English is to find a show that covers international news and has subtitles in your language.

Why can't I express myself (from a brain point of view, I am an introvert)?

There are many possible reasons. It could be that you are shy or introverted, which means you are more comfortable around people you know and feel less comfortable speaking up in new situations. It could also be that you have anxiety about speaking in front of others, which can make it difficult to express yourself. Additionally, some people have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings verbally, and may find it easier to express themselves in writing or through other creative outlets.

Has new faculty joined IIEST Shibpur?

Yes, new faculty have joined IIEST Shibpur.

Why are inmates who are being executed in the gas chamber not allowed to wear their briefs under their pants during the execution?

For hygienic reasons, inmates are not allowed to wear their underwear during an execution by gas chamber.

Was creationism always part of the Bible?

No, creationism is not mentioned in the Bible until the 19th century.

How is the sale rate traffic from Udimi?

The sale rate from Udimi is determined by the seller.

What are some airport secrets any traveler should know?

1. Check with your airline in advance to see if it has any special requirements or restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage.

2. If you're traveling with young children, find out if the airport has a play area or a quiet room where they can take a nap.

3. Be prepared for long security lines by arriving early and having all your documents and belongings ready to go.

4. If you're flying internationally, make sure you have all the necessary visas and vaccinations well in advance.

5. Familiarize yourself with the airport layout before your flight so you know where your gate is and how to get there.

What is the oxidation number of Mn in MnSO4?

The oxidation number of Mn in MnSO4 is 6.

Do you go into the adult and sexual spaces and topics on Quora?

No, I do not go into the adult or sexual spaces on Quora.

What is one word that you can use to describe each MBTI personality type?

INTJ - Analytical
INFP - Creative
INFJ - Visionary
INTP - Innovative
ENTJ - Leader
ENFP - Motivator
ENFJ - Teacher
ENTP - Inventor

Do you think Government is playing passive role on Supreme court because, many landmark judgements were delivered in this election year?

There is no evidence to support this claim. The government has no role in controlling or dictating the actions of the Supreme Court.

Is the University of Michigan communications program good?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every student's experience in a communications program will be different, and each person's opinion on the quality of the program will be subjective. However, the University of Michigan has generally been ranked highly by students and professionals in the field of communications.

How did people find out names back then?

It is not known exactly how people found out names back then. It is possible that they used a combination of trial and error, listening to others, and looking at things around them.

Who has ever trapped a teacher in an elevator?

A student has probably trapped a teacher in an elevator at some point.

Why does my Macbook Pro force a disk check on every restart now?

If your Macbook Pro is forcing a disk check on every restart, it is likely due to an issue with the hard drive. You should back up your data and then take your computer to an Apple Store or authorized service provider to have the hard drive checked and replaced if necessary.

What's it like to be in Boston University's Kilachand Honors College?

The Kilachand Honors College is a great place to be! The community is close-knit and the people are passionate about their studies. The classes are small and the professors are great. I have really enjoyed my time here so far.

Why did Subsaharan Africa never have spectacular ancient cities like the Romans did?

The main reason is a lack of usable building materials. Clay and stone are the two most common building materials, and both are in short supply in most of Sub-Saharan Africa. Good quality stone is especially rare. This scarcity of building materials meant that most ancient African cities were relatively small and unimpressive.

As a parent, how much and what kind of support did you give your teen during their university/college application process? Is there anything you wish you knew in hindsight?

I gave a lot of support to my teen during the university/college application process. I helped them fill out their applications, and I also helped them study for their entrance exams. I wish I had known more about the process in hindsight, but I think my support was adequate.

What placement can appliedai course provide if a candidate puts best efforts? Also what is the percentage students placed who enrolled in the course?

There is no definite answer to this question as the placement depends on various factors such as the candidate's performance, interview skills, resume, etc. However, if a candidate puts their best efforts, they have a good chance of being placed in a good company. The percentage of students placed varies from year to year, but generally, a large majority of students are placed in good companies.

Why does Turkmenistan have so low visitors even though they have a beautiful white-marble city?

Turkmenistan is not a very popular tourist destination due to its repressive government policies and lack of infrastructure.

Why can not China make proper cars equivalent to German cars?

One reason may be that China does not have the same access to technology and engineering as German companies. Additionally, Chinese cars may not be built to the same safety and quality standards as German cars.

Why has Hillary Clinton's popularity hit an all time low?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but there are several possible explanations. First, Clinton may be facing increased scrutiny from the media and the public due to her status as a front-runner in the 2016 presidential race. Secondly, Clinton has been embroiled in a number of controversies in recent years, including the Benghazi attack and her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. These controversies may have led some people to view Clinton in a negative light. Finally, it is possible that Clinton's popularity has simply declined over time due to the fact that she has been in the public eye for many years.

How was the need for sleep explained around the world before modern science?

Sleep was explained in a variety of ways before modern science. In some cultures, it was believed that sleep was a time when the soul left the body. In other cultures, it was believed that sleep was a time when the body and mind rested and rejuvenated.

What is the likelihood of a famous error in mathematics remaining uncorrected?

The likelihood of a famous error in mathematics remaining uncorrected is very low. Errors in mathematics are usually corrected very quickly once they are discovered.

Is there any kind of incoming threat towards US soil?

There is no known incoming threat to US soil at this time.

What is shirt over t shirt called?

A collared shirt worn over a T-shirt is called a polo shirt.

How come Blackpink Jennie is an average dancer although she has trained for around 6 years?

There can be a variety of reasons why Jennie is considered an average dancer despite training for 6 years. It could be that she doesn't have the same natural talent or ability as some of the other members of Blackpink, or it could be that she simply hasn't had as much opportunity to showcase her skills. It's also possible that the other members of Blackpink are simply better dancers than Jennie.

If you were able to buy a small rural town in the US, what would you do with it? Assume you have money to remake it according to your vision.

This is a great question with no definitive answer. Some possible things you could do with a small rural town would be to attract new businesses and industry to help boost the local economy, or to focus on developing sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives to make the town more environmentally friendly. You could also work on improving infrastructure and amenities to make the town more attractive to residents and visitors alike. Ultimately, it would be up to you to decide what you want to do with the town, and how you want to go about achieving your goals.

Many senior (old) Vietnamese Americans still enjoy watching Chinese TV series and listening to Chinese music. Does this influence young Vietnamese-Americans?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every individual is different. However, it is possible that some young Vietnamese-Americans may be influenced by the older generation's enjoyment of Chinese TV series and music. This could lead them to become interested in these forms of entertainment as well.

An April 29 Wall Street Journal headline reads: "Russia Makes Bond Payment In Dollars To Avoid Default." Many predicted Russia would default on this payment. How did Russia make this payment despite the sanctions?

While Russia has been hurt by the sanctions, it has not been crippled. The country still has access to international capital markets, and it was able to sell $7 billion in Eurobonds in April, which it used to make the bond payment.

If people who oppose gay marriage and abortion are clearly stuck in old times, then why do the same people want to wear up to date clothes and have the latest cars and phones?

There is no universally accepted answer to this question, as people's individual reasons for holding certain views may vary. However, it is worth noting that many people who are opposed to abortion and gay marriage may also hold conservative views on other social issues, such as gender roles and sexual morality. As such, they may prefer to dress in a way that they feel reflects their values, or to use the latest technology as a way to stay connected with the world around them.

Does buying off-brand products pay off?

It depends on the product. Some off-brand products are just as good as the name brand, while others are not. You'll need to do your research to figure out if an off-brand product is worth the lower price.

What moderated caucus topic can be raised in the agenda food crisis in South Sudan?

One moderated caucus topic that can be raised in the agenda food crisis in South Sudan is the role of the government in alleviating the crisis.

How do homeless people learn about pending hurricanes, major storms, etc.?

There are a few ways that homeless people can learn about pending hurricanes and other major storms. They can listen to the radio, watch television, or check the internet for weather updates. They can also ask people in their community for information.

Why did my skin in legs and belly area turn yellow in color? Is this jaundice?

There are many potential causes for yellowing skin, including liver problems, certain medications, and certain skin conditions. Jaundice is a condition that causes the skin and whites of the eyes to yellow, and is usually caused by problems with the liver.

What is the proper sitting posture on the floor?

The proper sitting posture on the floor is to sit with your back straight, your hips and knees at 90-degree angles, and your feet flat on the floor.

Can humans eat pine nuts straight from pine cones like squirrels?

Yes, but most people prefer to toast them first.

How much will Trump’s Fourth of July show cost?

Trump's Fourth of July show is expected to cost taxpayers between $2.5 million and $5 million.

Who believes that an extra tax on the ultra-wealthy to pay for such things as universal healthcare or low-cost college is a good idea?

The majority of Americans believe that an extra tax on the ultra-wealthy to pay for such things as universal healthcare or low-cost college is a good idea.

Why were the first ten Amendments (the Bill of Rights) not originally included in the Constitution?

The first ten amendments were not originally included in the Constitution because they were not considered to be necessary. The framers of the Constitution believed that the federal government would be limited in its powers and that individual rights would be protected by the states.

How much of an impact will Team Seas have?

Team Seas will have a significant impact on the future of the sport. They are a very talented and experienced team that has a lot to offer the sport.

A podcasting sound engineering question: when I record a guest via Google Meet, I use a XLR-3.5MM cable from my laptop to the Zoom H6. Very often there is a loud static interference sound that is removed by straightening the cable. Why and solutions?

There are a few possible causes for this issue. One possibility is that the cable is not fully plugged in. Another possibility is that the cable is damaged or has a loose connection. A third possibility is that there is EMF interference from other electronic devices. The best solution is to try a different cable or move the recording device away from other electronics.

Why does it sometimes feel like it's a lot harder to get any kind of quality attention on the internet these days, than it was a decade or two ago?

There are a number of possible explanations:

1) There is more competition for attention online. With the proliferation of social media and other platforms, people are more likely to get their news and information from a variety of sources, rather than just a handful. This means that each individual source has less of a captive audience.

2) People's attention spans may be shorter now than they were in the past. With the constant bombardment of information and stimulation from the internet and other sources, it can be harder to focus on any one thing for very long.

3) The internet provides a near-infinite wealth of information and entertainment, which can be both good and bad. On the one hand, this means that there is always something new and interesting to discover. On the other hand, it also means that it can be easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of clickbait articles or videos, and it can be hard to find the needle in the haystack when you're looking for something specific.

Security operatives had my iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for five minutes away from my presence. Both phones were on but locked. They returned with the stylus of the Samsung sticking out. What would they have done to the phones?

With recent fears of information leak from the office of the National Security Adviser, some Nigerian may be micro-chipping its citizens’ phones without their consent. — Chinedu Hardy Nwadike (@ChineduHNwadike) August 28, 2019

To avoid making the same mistake, the authoristatives have decided to allow only those who go through security to carry their electronics.

Travellers passing through @losairport were greeted with this 📰 yesterday.

Pro Tip: if you’re flying anywhere in Africa or the Middle East* today, search your destination + “electronics ban” beforehand to check whether you need a backup plan for any devices larger than a phone. — Alanna Petroff (@AlannaPetroff) August 28, 2019

Why does a superhero hesitate to kill a villain when the villains are killing dozens of innocent people? When a person can kill dozens of innocents, why does he deserve to live?

There are a few reasons why a superhero might hesitate to kill a villain. One reason is that the superhero may believe in the sanctity of life and think that all life is precious, even the life of a villain. Killing a villain would go against this belief. Another reason is that the superhero may think that there is always the possibility that the villain could reform and become a good person. If the superhero kills the villain, then there is no chance for reform. Finally, the superhero may believe that killing a villain would make them no better than the villain.

Why is the word "объятья" (en. hugs) still with the letter "ъ"? I thought this letter was taken out of the Russian Cyrillic script.

The letter "ъ" was removed from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet in 1918, but it is still used in some words, like "объятья".

How do you structure kids' books? Do they follow the three act principle?

No, they do not.

Why does my crush always answer to my snaps (in a good way) but at night she leaves them on delivered? Even though I am sure she was online in the same night.

There is no certain answer, but it could be because she is busy or does not want to seem too eager.

Who are some good civil lawyers for land acquisition cases in Allahabad High Court? In particular, I am looking for lawyers who have experience in cases related to acquisition by DFCC under the railway act.

I would recommend contacting the Allahabad High Court Bar Association for a list of civil lawyers who have experience in DFCC cases.

What was your worst experience when laying someone off, and what did you learn from it?

When I was a young manager, I had to lay off an employee who had been with the company for a long time. It was a difficult decision, but it was the right thing to do for the business. I learned that it's important to be honest with employees about why they are being laid off and to help them transition to new jobs if possible.

Can Game of Thrones still be considered one of the best series even with how terrible seasons 7 and 8 were?

Yes, it can.

I keep shocking (electric) everyone in my class. What should I do to make it stop?

There are a few things that you can do to make it stop. First, you can try to avoid contact with others as much as possible. Second, you can try to wear clothing that is made of natural fibers like cotton or wool. Third, you can try to use an anti-static spray on your clothing. Lastly, you can try to avoid walking on carpet.

Can U.S. Army soldiers receive packages overseas while deployed under their name?

U.S. Army soldiers can receive packages overseas while deployed, but the packages must be sent through the chain of command and be approved by the unit's commander.

Mount Etna is in what country?

mounts in Italy

What would happen if the Indonesian government decided to expel all ethnic Chinese people in Indonesia?

It is impossible to know exactly what would happen if the Indonesian government decided to expel all ethnic Chinese people in Indonesia. However, it is likely that there would be a great deal of unrest and violence, as well as a negative impact on the economy.

What is APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) best described as?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a regional economic forum established in 1989 to leverage the growing interdependence of the Asia-Pacific.

What percentage of living people with a Wikipedia article about them are married to people without a Wikipedia article?

There is no way to tell from the information provided.

What is the episode count of Fair City?


How come non organic acids dissolve as ions?

A nonorganic acid is defined as an acid that is not derived from a living source. Many inorganic acids, such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, are highly corrosive and can cause serious damage to organic matter.

Where does Google store their whole data?

There is no one answer to this question as Google stores data in multiple data centers around the world.

Should ASP.NET developers learn Ruby? Why?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the individual developer's strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest. However, Ruby is a powerful and popular programming language that is definitely worth learning for any ASP.NET developer who wants to expand their skillset. Ruby can be used for a variety of tasks, including web development, software engineering, and data analysis.

How does the quality of roads and highways today compare to roads in Roman times? Which are stronger and last longer?

The quality of roads and highways today is much greater than that in Roman times. They are stronger and last much longer.

I just found that the idea I was working on for the past year and a half (I was about to publish the paper) was published six months ago. What should I do?

There are a few options available to you, depending on the severity of the situation and how much work you have put into the idea. You could:

-Attempt to contact the author of the original paper and discuss your work with them. It is possible that they were not aware of your work and would be willing to make some changes to their paper in order to give credit where it is due.

-Publish your own paper on the topic, detailing the contributions that you have made to the field. This will help to establish your own work in the area and make it clear that you were working on the idea before the other paper was published.

-Do nothing. In some cases, it may not be worth the effort to try and claim credit for an idea that has already been published by someone else. If your work is not significantly different from the existing paper, it may be best to simply move on to other projects.

What is the time limit in computer paper class X?

There is no specific time limit in computer paper class X. However, it is advisable to finish the paper within the allotted time of 3 hours.

How do media companies decide who will host each debate?

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is a private corporation established in 1987. The CPD sponsors and produces debates for U.S. presidential and vice presidential candidates and is responsible for selecting the moderators and panelists, as well as setting the criteria for participant selection.

Did Slumdog Millionaire defame India?

Some Indians argue that "Slumdog Millionaire" is an unfair and inaccurate portrayal of their country and its people. They argue that the film perpetuates Western stereotypes about India, and that it fails to accurately depict the country's poverty, crime, and beggars. Others argue that the film is a work of fiction and that it should not be expected to accurately portray India.

Is a narcissist capable of feeling temporary sympathy like if they see a stranger getting hurt in front of them?

There is limited research on this topic, but some studies suggest that narcissists may be capable of feeling temporary sympathy. For example, one study found that when people with narcissistic personality disorder watched a video of someone being hurt, they showed more physiological distress than people without the disorder. However, it is unclear whether this sympathy is genuine or simply a performance meant to garner attention.

Does taking cold shower simply mean avoiding hot water bath, i.e below 15 degree Celsius is not necessary right?

There is a lot of content on the internet about health benefits of cold showers but most of them are from unknown authors/directories. I need to know if it's necessary to avoid a warm water bath (15 degree Celsius) in the morning for good health or if doing that for one day and avoiding hot water bath 14number Celsius the next day is enough.


There's only one good study I found on PubMed regarding cold showering. In that study, 22 participants took daily showers with water STARTING at 15°C/59°F. From then on, they were told to gradually decrease their water temperature with each day that passes. That by the end of two weeks, they would be taking 15 cold showers a week (around 1 min long); 5 during weekdays at 50–55°F, and 10 on weekends at 45–55°F (that is approximately 5 minutes long ). Almost everyone in the group experienced discomfort at some point or other. Biggest complaints:
First week - Stinging eyes, runny nose, or sneezing while showering
Second week - Extremely high air temperature (leading to burning sensation), anxiety from extended blast of extremely cold air, headaches & shivering

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