🔥👉 Do COVID-19 booster shots prompt many Americans to seek antibody tests?

"✅👉 I cannot speak for all Americans, but I would imagine that a significant portion of people would seek out an antibody test after getting a booster shot for COVID-19."

Dr. Marty Sanford
Dr. Marty Sanford

If I am a single parent child but don’t have late before the father’s name in the 10th marksheet but have late in the 12th mark sheet, is there any problem?

There may be a problem if the school you are applying to asks for a birth certificate along with your marksheet. If your father's name does not appear on your birth certificate, you may have difficulty proving that you are the child of the parent listed on your 10th marksheet.

What clothes last the longest?

clothes made of natural fibers like wool, cotton, and linen

Does a composite hack team exist in the dark web community?

There is no central authority in the dark web community, so it is difficult to say definitively whether or not a composite hack team exists. However, it is possible that such a team exists, as there are numerous individual hacking groups and individuals with various skillsets who could potentially come together to form a composite team.

Is there a more detrimental “shortcut” in developing software than skipping steps of the SDLC (software development lifecycle) to get something released by the deadline?

There is no single most detrimental shortcut in developing software than skipping steps of the SDLC, as many different shortcuts can lead to different negative outcomes. In general, however, skipping steps in the software development lifecycle can lead to decreased quality, decreased functionality, and increased risk.

What are the 5 most important things, that if developed and practiced would effect one’s character and personality in most profound way positively?

1) Self-awareness – Knowing yourself and understanding your own strengths, weaknesses, motivations and desires.

2) Emotional intelligence – Being able to effectively manage your emotions and respond to the emotions of others in a constructive way.

3) Honesty – Being truthful and open with yourself and others.

4) empathy – Being able to understand and share the feelings of others.

5) resilience – Being able to bounce back from setbacks and persevere through challenges.

Can a tarot card reading reveal divine wisdom and provide guidance?

Some people believe that tarot cards can reveal divine wisdom and provide guidance. This is a matter of personal belief and there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Should right-to-repair farm equipment laws be enacted against John Deere monopoly because of software?

There is no easy answer to this question. On the one hand, John Deere has been accused of creating a monopoly in the farm equipment market by using software to lock out competitors. On the other hand, John Deere has argued that its software is essential to the operation of its equipment and that it needs to be able to control who has access to it. There is no definitive answer as to whether or not right-to-repair farm equipment laws should be enacted against John Deere. The question would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you could pick Power Rangers from any of the series, which five or six do you think would make the strongest team?

The strongest team would be the original five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger), Zack Taylor (Black Ranger), Kimberly Hart (Pink Ranger), Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger), and Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger).

Is this sort of thing what the USA has come to, and should this man lose the right to own a gun?<br/>https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/florida-man-assault-rifle-black-landscaper-b2121704.html


If the man in question is convicted of a crime, then yes, he should lose the right to own a gun.

How do we set the apps background same as that of a wallpaper?

The apps background can be set the same as the wallpaper by going to the settings menu and selecting the "wallpaper" option.

What are some good/unique science fair ideas?

• Which banana ripens the fastest?
• How do different types of soda affect tooth enamel?
• Does the color of light affect plant growth?
• How does the size of a dog affect how much food it needs?
• Does the amount of sugar in a drink affect howHyperactive you become?

How difficult would it be to have no defined countries on earth, allowing people to roam and move freely?

The difficulty would depend on the reasons why countries currently exist. If countries exist primarily to provide stability and order, then eliminating them could lead to chaos. On the other hand, if countries exist primarily to exploit and oppress people, then eliminating them could lead to liberation.

My boyfriend spends a lot of money on weed that we can’t afford, how can I get him to understand it’s an issue? We can’t pay rent and just spent $220 on weed.

You can try talking to him calmly about it and explain how it's causing financial problems for you both. If he doesn't want to listen or tries to downplay the issue, then you may need to consider breaking up with him.

What should you do during a break between switching jobs?

During a break between switching jobs, you should look for a new job.

How do you handle the job search question, "What would you do if you observed a co-worker stealing from the company"?

If you observed a co-worker stealing from the company, you would talk to your supervisor or HR department.

How do you make a stone wall water feature?

A stone wall water feature can be made by constructing a wall out of stone, lining the wall with a waterproof material, and then filling the wall with water.

I am planning to moving back to India from the USA after leaving EB2 uncertainty with 8th and 1st grader kids. How will kids accommodate this change?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as every family's situation is unique. However, there are some general things you can do to help your children adjust to moving back to India. Try to involve them in the process as much as possible, so they feel like they have a say in what is happening. Explain why you are moving and what they can expect in their new home. Help them get excited about the move by pointing out all the great things India has to offer, like delicious food, rich culture, and interesting places to explore. Finally, make sure to keep in touch with friends and family back home, so your children know they still have a support system even after moving.

How do you arrange furniture in a long narrow living room with a fireplace?

If your living room is long and narrow, you might want to consider placing your furniture against the walls to open up the space. You can also use area rugs to define different areas in the room, such as a seating area around the fireplace.

Is this results slip representative of the fight?


What are some good gyms (not the expensive ones like Gold's) in Noida?

I am not sure if there are any gyms in Noida that would be considered "good". However, there are several gyms that are reasonably priced and offer good amenities.

Is G.K. is must for selection test of HCL bee?

Yes, Gener

If new electric vehicle makers join hands, how quickly can they build a super charging network equal to Tesla's network?

This is difficult to answer without knowing how many electric vehicle makers would be joining hands and how much resources they would be willing to put into the project. If we assume that a large number of electric vehicle makers join hands and are willing to put a lot of resources into building a charging network, then it is possible that they could build a charging network equal to Tesla's within a few years. However, if there are only a few electric vehicle makers involved or if they are not willing to invest much into the project, then it could take much longer to build a charging network equal to Tesla's.

What is the amount of sales needed to chart on Beatport's top 100 house?

This answer is not definitive, but according to Beatport's Help Center, "Beatport's Top 100 is a reflection of what's being purchased by DJs all around the world."

How is the dominance/recessiveness of multiple alleles established with monohybrid crossing, when it only observes the traits caused by two alleles? How many crosses must be performed and in what pattern?

Monohybrid crossing only observes the traits caused by two alleles, so the dominance/recessiveness of multiple alleles cannot be established with monohybrid crossing.

How come are 64-bit operating systems able to read and set BIOS time, when BIOS procedures for reading and setting time are 16-bit, and x64 processors can't simultaneously run a 64-bit process and a 16-bit process?

Using the 64-bit technique, I tried storing BIOS time by setting theEAXregister to 0x534D0107h. This caused my computer to respond with an 00h (error code) when reading the return value fromWINTEL8254_READREGISTER function, indicating it is impossible to read BIOS time on my computer using this technique.


You are doing something incorrectly as using that code I am able to set and get BIOS time from a Windows 64 bits OS.
That you can't run a 16-bits and a 64-bits process at the same time has no effect whatsoever because only the CPU is involved in the actual accesses to memory in which BIOS area and its variables (including the day, date & hour timer) are placed by devices initialization at boot-time (see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/drivers/design/firmware-dependencies).
If you have done application debug while going through BOOTDEVICE_INFORMATION_STRUCT to verify that structSize is actually 4 bytes overcomed, then remember that assembly language code can use two ways to load parameters in a cdecl calling convention through registers:

32-bit ordering differs from x64 calling conventions and PUSH argument
order for function calls as shown below:
In 32 bit application, if 23h is pushed first to stack followed by DH then memory location <code>0x0023(EBP + 0x2)</code> will contain 0x4000FH which represents direction flag register (DF). Running GetBootCountToTestBiosTime() provide expected result. Results of running < strong >GetBootCountToTestBiosTime(): o Input : EAX = 0x534D0106 o Result: EAX = 0x01(1 byte), BX = 0x07FE(2 bytes), CX = 0x2415(2 bytes), DX = 0x4257(2 bytes),SI = None, DI = None Returned Direction Flags : (DF) O (IF) O (NT) Xrom within debugger. mappings – Can't change size without changing signature'

Does asphalt expand once poured unto a driveway or road?

When asphalt is first laid down, it is in a soft state. As it cools, it hardens and expands slightly.

What do I do when the person I am trying to cut out, tries talking to me about it?

If you are trying to cut someone out of your life, it is best to avoid any communication with that person. If the person tries to talk to you about it, you can simply say that you are not interested in talking and walk away.

Has anyone ever experienced to hear a voice from beyond a grave?

No, I have not experienced hearing a voice from beyond a grave.

Can cops search your trunk if they see something suspicious while checking your ID during a stop?

Police are allowed to conduct a limited search of your vehicle if they have a reasonable suspicion that there is something illegal in the car. This is often referred to as a " Terry stop."

Can wearing the wrong prescription eye power cause bloodshot eyes?

Yes, wearing the wrong prescription eye power can cause bloodshot eyes.

Who offers an affordable sofa repair in Dubai?

Furniture Clinic offers an affordable sofa repair in Dubai.

Did Stevie Ray Vaughan ever play live with any guitar other than a Stratocaster?

There is no definitive answer, but it is widely believed that Stevie Ray Vaughan did not play live with any guitar other than a Stratocaster.

Could it be humans need to invent a triality when it comes to the universe and how we argue? Maybe there is matter, energy, and something else?

But after reading this article I remembered a Canadian cartoon telling the story of a butterfly flapping it's wings in India and afterwards we have a tornado in Canada. Which led me to conclude perhaps there might be cause, effect and something else?


rigel Don't you think that Homo Sapiens is more homogeneous than the universe is. Its just a chemical reaction.

ZereIch was introducing whole number order which the amoeba did not possibly hope to produce and if he could, who would he communicate with? Maybe amoebas don't talk and stick to signals, that it may not need to invent language in a chemical kind of way where I suppose communication starts out with smell or taste. Zere Ich wondered why dogs c** himself , well see Zere Ich, maybe because it lacks tolerance or cultured language. If homogeneous is like being from planet earth, then again object-oriented is really far from being living on earth, everything there is erect or inside out sperms floating about wanna breed with ovaries but yikes either win or lose young again next year.

Life on earth does deal with chemistry though some form of signal chit-chatting I mean.

But heads up Zere Ich or Homo Sapiens or any intelligent zookeeper out there fear may need to enter your life, who knows reality might turn into a nightmare when you wake up and realize what has been prescribed the last 38 years were made up by professionals. If information cycles travel up §§ P & T, Life get extra $$$ understanding donot update computer; Life get lost in information space:eek:, use 5 bucks more and take bonus spin, Life hear ya later.:(:confused:

Some assume everything belongs to everybody, maybe like hecko that means Hello World but full of spaces hey kiddies :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:: helloworld::Hello World :hand: Hi how are ya.:D Everyone exchange hearding anything ?: confusion: no virus!:confused:;) ;) :( back to our tourdownunder At the moment we are studying heaven.:confused:;):blink:

Ah most memories are good memories for us Homo grumpi (that's latin for Monkey Check Out).

Zombie birds form over Hawaii (http://news

Are there still any half track trucks currently used in military? What was the advantage of a half tracked truck as compared to a full tracked or a full-wheeled vehicle?

There are no half track trucks currently used in military service. The advantage of a half tracked truck is the ability to maintain higher speeds on roads and cross-country while carrying heavy loads. Half track trucks are also less likely to get stuck in soft soils or deep snow.

What history does BJP teach?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a right-wing political party in India. The party's ideology is based on right-wing Hindu nationalism, and it has been described asan ultra-nationalist and Hindu supremacist party. The BJP was founded in 1980 as a successor to the Bharatiya Jana Sangh (BJS), which was a Hindu nationalist party that was founded in 1951. The BJP's history is thus intertwined with the history of Hindu nationalism in India.

Why do guys like to bad mouth other men behind their backs?

There are a few possible explanations:

1) They feel threatened by other men and feel the need to put them down in order to feel better about themselves.

2) They are trying to impress women by making themselves look good in comparison to other men.

3) They could simply be jealous of other men and want to make themselves feel better by putting them down.

What are the basic funcation of social law?

The four main functions of social law are to regulate human behavior, to resolve disputes, to protect individuals and property, and to promote social welfare.

What if a bunch of Antifa members robbing the bank and the police in the area were like 45 minutes away and you were armed, would you stop the crooks?

Yes No

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According to the above report, a group of armed robbers on Tuesday made off with a driver and his truck after taking $1 million from a Producers Dairy facility in the California town of Turlock, about 80 miles southeast of Sacramento.

The California Highway Patrol said one of therobbers placed the employee into a headlock and threw him into the back of the truck before driving off and exiting the area, according to local news station KMPH Fox 26. As many as three other robbers reportedly remained at the dairy farm during that time, according to area police who pursued them but eventually lost them in heavy traffic at about 7:30 p.m. local time.

At about 8:45 pm., however, California Highway Patrol officers pulled over an SUV matching the description given that was occupied by three Hispanic males. According to the station, officers fired after it became öbvious’ the occupants were armed. One officer was wounded by a gunshot while another sustained non-life threatening injuries after being hit by flying glass when a round blew out one of the vehicle’s windows during an exchange of gunfire, it was later revealed that “the weapon involved in both shootings appeared to be a semiautomatic handgun,” KTLA reported. The vehicle ended up crashing into an orange grove after its tires were shot up, but all three occupants survived — including one who sustained a gunshot wound — and were taken into custody. Investigators said they had not established yet whether they were properly licensed to possess firearms or if they had any ties whatsoever to Thursday’s robberies. They will continue investigating, and will face charges related to attempted murder on a police officer once they are released from medical care following treatment for their injuries. There were no passengers in their initial vehicle at

Why is The Economist so biased in reporting news?

There is no one answer to this question. Some people may feel that The Economist is biased because it focuses on economic news, while others may find its coverage to be even-handed.

Conspiracy theories aside, if Epstein was indeed ‘protected by intelligence’ as Acosta himself stated, then if the FBI evidence uncovers US-affiliated intelligence activity at play in his suicide, what would they even be allowed to publicly conclude?

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What were some movies that weren't really great, but you really respect the effort the directors or other crew put into it?

Some movies that I think were not really great, but I respect the effort that the directors or other crew put into it, would be movies like "Titanic" and "Avatar". Both of these movies were massive undertakings and I think the directors did a great job in terms of putting everything together. Even though the movies may not have been everyone's cup of tea, I think they are still impressive achievements.

Why are Wipro's September expiry options trading so cheaply? What's the catch here?

Wipro's September expiry options are trading cheaply because they are about to expire. The catch here is that you will only be able to buy or sell Wipro shares if the option expires in the money.

If European man has blue eyes and Asian woman dark eyes, can their children inherit blue eyes after father?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed.

How can I get the neighborhood boys to stop banging on my windows, throwing snowballs and pop on my car window? I've talked to their mom twice & called the police twice. I have a 5 year old grandson boy and a 10 year old granddaughter. We are alone.

If the police haven't been able to stop the boys from bothering you, your best bet may be to talk to their parents again. You could also try talking to the boys directly and asking them to stop.

How do I make my animated GIF's size smaller (HTML)?

To make an animated GIF's size smaller in HTML, you can use the width and height attributes to specify the size of the animation in pixels. You can also use the ' reduce ' option in an image editor to reduce the file size of the animation.


And discuss her what she thinks about it – is this a secure way or going to be a bad surprise for you because it will seem like a flowery language.

People ask how long does the FRAUDS RECOVERY process take and how many sessions are needed? The length of the FRAUDS RECOVERY process depends on each individual. Each person is different and responds to trust in adverse situations a little bit differently based on their: strength, life experience, situational experience, and commitment to yourself. Some people will go to treatment once, get strong enough to stay clean and sober and never come back, but some people will have relapses throughout the process to recovery and sometimes they need help over more than once in their life. The first time through treatment takes too long in my opinion. All I was allowed to focus on was my mistakes – what I did wrong – and that is not very helpful at all as I soon as learned during the FRAUDS RECOVERY process. However, once I learned I could look at my thoughts better during trust in love discussions – look at my actions other than mine they helped me to recover faster on that one second time today and now three times five years later. Finally, someone showed me how popular was the idea of feedback practice being honest with myself. Every day focusing on what helped me recovery from trust in romantic love addictions by far comes first then learning from mistakes followed by making choices when considering moral values helped me become a better version of myself in every aspect of my life every day for the last three times for five years and today five years later still today!

What dress should a girl wear for a bank interview?

There is no one answer to this question as the dress code for a bank interview can vary depending on the country and culture. In general, it is always best to err on the side of conservative when choosing an outfit for a job interview. That means avoiding anything too revealing, short, or tight. Opt instead for a classic business suit in a dark color like navy or black.

Why is my piercing scar irritated? I removed my belly piercing 7 years ago, but tonight the top scar became red and began excreting pus? I thought those holes were healed long ago. Any advice or input about whats happening?

It is possible that the scar tissue has become irritated, which can happen from time to time. If the area is painful or continues to produce pus, it is best to see a doctor to make sure there is no sign of an infection.

How do I scale my video content creation business?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to scale a video content creation business depends on the specific business and its goals. However, some tips on how to scale a video content creation business include:

1. Hire more content creators: This is probably the most obvious way to scale a video content creation business. By hiring more content creators, you will be able to produce more video content and reach a wider audience.

2. Create different types of video content: Another way to scale a video content creation business is by creating different types of video content. This could include creating educational videos, entertaining videos, or even both.

3. Use video marketing: Utilizing video marketing is another great way to scale a video content creation business. Video marketing can help you reach a larger audience and promote your business more effectively.

4. Partner with other businesses: Partnering with other businesses is another excellent way to scale a video content creation business. By partnering with complementary businesses, you can reach a larger audience and create even more innovative and high-quality video content.

What's the hardest you've ever been jump scared, whether it be in a game, a movie, or in real life?

In real life, I was playing hide and seek with my friends in a large abandoned house. I was hiding in a closet when suddenly the door opened and someone grabbed me. It turned out to be one of my friends, but it scared me nonetheless.

I wrote a very simple web crawler and tested it on encyclopedia.com. It crawled several pages and then I stopped it. Is this against the law?

There is no clear answer, as laws vary from country to country. In general, however, web crawlers are not usually considered illegal as long as they do not violate the terms of service of the website they are crawling.

What does the UK bring to the AUKUS agreement? Is it just a sympathy inclusion because they are are out on a limb after they Brexited themselves from the most powerful strategic and economic block the world has ever seen?

The UK brings a massive economy, 7th largest in the world, to the AUKUS agreement meaning it is bigger than France, Italy or Canada. It also has a large and modern military, making it one of the few countries in the world with a full spectrum military capability. The UK is also one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, giving it considerable diplomatic clout.

How do I assess if therapy is being useful? I think my therapist only tells me things I already know (for example, that I have to deal with my emotions better) but doesn't tell me how to improve (how to deal with the emotions).

It is common for people to seek therapy when they are feeling stuck in some area of their life and are not sure how to move forward. In this case, it may be helpful for you to discuss with your therapist how you feel therapy is going and if you feel like you are understanding and learning new skills. It is also important to remember that change can be slow and sometimes people need to hear something multiple times before it really sinks in. If you feel like you are not making progress or that your therapist is not providing helpful information, you may want to consider seeking a different therapist who may be a better fit for you.

What's your strategy to deal with heavy differences in precision and recall between two ML algorithms with similar AUC scores?

There are a few possible strategies:

1. Use a weighting scheme to account for the differences in precision and recall.
2. Combine the two algorithms into a single algorithm that has better overall performance.
3. Adjust the thresholds for each algorithm to optimize the desired trade-off between precision and recall.

What are some effects of the Civil War that are still apparent today?

Some effects of the Civil War that are still apparent today are the racial divide, North-South alliances, and infrastructure damage.

What is the most challenging piece of code you’ve ever written? Tell me about the project.

I once wrote a piece of code that required me to reverse engineer a car's computer system in order to figure out how to bypass the anti-theft system. It was challenging because I had to understand how the car's computer system worked in order to find the right code to bypass it.

As a Democrat, what do you think about the New York Times opinion video titled "liberal hypocrisy is fueling American inequality"?

There is a lot of truth to this video. American liberals tend to be more concerned with equality of outcomes rather than equality of opportunity. This has led to policies that benefit the most well-off Americans while doing little to help those at the bottom. As a result, income inequality has gotten worse in recent years.

Will you post a picture of your Doctor Who t-shirt?

I don't have a Doctor Who t-shirt, sorry.

Will the Peshawar school assault change the approach of the Pakistani government, army, and society towards Islamic extremism?

There is no one answer to this question. The Peshawar school assault may change the approach of some Pakistani government officials, army personnel, and citizens towards Islamic extremism, but it is unlikely to change the overall approach of the Pakistani government, army, or society.

I wish to get married to my bf but neither of our parents are in support. We are opting for a court marriage. Is a marriage without rituals good idea?

No, it is not a good idea.

How far around were the walls of Jericho?

The walls around Jericho were about six miles long.

I have no sense of humour, I don't like socialising, and I get very little enjoyment from anything in general. What's wrong with me and how can I reverse this?

You might be suffering from depression, social anxiety, or another mental health condition. If you're struggling to enjoy anything in life, it's important to talk to a doctor or mental health professional to get help. There are many treatments available that can help improve your mood and make life more enjoyable.

Why don't English speakers think of dogs when they hear the word "hot dog" or eat a hot dog?

The word "hot dog" is a shortened form of the phrase "hot dog sausage," where "dog" refers to the type of sausage.

How much notice does a tenant of 5 years have to give to move out in CA if the original one year lease says it turns month to month after the first year?

The tenant has to give a 60-day notice to move out in CA if the original one year lease says it turns month to month after the first year.

Do you know of any people who prefer the hair on their head blonde so much, they influenced themselves to immigrate to the Baltics to reside amongst more people who have blonde hair?

I do not know of any people who have done this specifically because they prefer blonde hair, but there are many people who have immigrated to the Baltics for various reasons.

How do you handle null value in a text column returns `false` when checked using `is null` (postgresql, SQL null, development)?

The simplest way to handle a null value in a text column is to use the IS NULL operator. This will return false if the value is null.

What are some unknown massacres in history that were led against Muslims?

The Abbasid Caliphate faced many revolts and coups during its existence. One such revolt was the Zanj Rebellion, which was led by African slaves who were brought to work in the salt mines near Basra, in modern-day Iraq. The slaves revolted against their captors, and over the course of fifteen years, killed tens of thousands of people, including many Muslims.

Is it hard to learn Russian?

No, Russian is not a difficult language to learn. However, it is important to note that there are different levels of difficulty when it comes to learning any language. For example, some people may find it easier to learn the basics of Russian grammar, while others may find it more difficult to master the complexities of the Russian language.

Which classified sites offer pricing suggestions?

Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are all classified sites that offer pricing suggestions.

Why are Biden supporters choosing to vote by mail while Trump supporters are choosing to vote in person?

There is no remedy for this cancerous government we have

We have seen too many republican presidents cheat in elections

I dont know

The White ship disaster in 1120 only killed 330 people (still a big number). However if we consider the effects of the civil war that it provoked in England. Was it the worst ever naval disaster?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The White Ship disaster in 1120 was a significant event, but there have been other naval disasters that have had greater death tolls and more widespread effects.

How do e-commerce sites manipulate people into buying things they may not want?

There are a few ways that e-commerce sites manipulate people into buying items they may not want. One way is by using persuasive language and marketing techniques. Sites will often use persuasive language to convince people that they need a certain product. Another way that e-commerce sites manipulate people is by using scarcity tactics. They will create a false sense of urgency by saying that an item is only available for a limited time or in limited quantities. This encourages people to buy something before it's gone. Finally, e-commerce sites will often use social proof to convince people to buy something. They'll show customer reviews and testimonials to show that other people have purchased the item and been happy with it.

NTA has declared the JEE result without releasing final answer key. Does this mean no challenges were accepted?

Yes, it is right that NTA did not release the final answer key of JEE Main 2020 nor any information related to it. Hence, it means that no challenge was accepted and marks were awarded according to key analyzed by experts.

How can I develop a heartless, never caring, strong heart-mind set?

You might try thinking about things that you are indifferent to or that do not have any emotional meaning for you. Alternatively, you could try focusing on the positive aspects of being heartless and never caring, such as never having to worry about getting hurt emotionally or being taken advantage of. Finally, it may be helpful to think about times when you have been able to remain calm and collected in the face of difficult or challenging situations.

Met him online within 3 weeks he asked buying ticket to fly and meet, only few seconds or minuet able to see on cam, never call. All by text. I was unable to fullfil his request and last word he said am bad and then blocked me. Why?

He was probably not interested in you and was using you to try and get a free trip.

Can a lawyer and prosecutor come to agreements with a deal even if the case has already been set for trial?

Yes, lawyers and prosecutors can come to agreements with deals even if the case has already been set for trial.

What does it mean if you find out that your supposedly bad idea turned out to be a good idea?

It means that you were wrong about the idea and it is actually a good idea.

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