🔥👉 How do I create a system image of my Ubuntu?

"✅👉 1. Launch the Dash and type "backup" into the search box.
2. Click on the Backup program icon.
3. Choose whether you want to back up files, folders, or your entire system.
4. Choose where you want to store your backup. An external hard drive is recommended.
5. Enter a name for your backup and click on the "Start Backup" button."

Dr. Mathias Schultz
Dr. Mathias Schultz

How can I, as an INTP improve myself to be able to conduct a small talk?

INTPs can improve their ability to conduct small talk by focusing on active listening, making and sustaining eye contact, and practicing making brief statements about their own lives in response to others' questions. Additionally, INTPs can try to find commonalities with their conversation partners and ask follow-up questions to show that they are interested in the topics being discussed.

Will the shift from temporary to permanent campus lead to an increase in the seats of NIT Delhi in each branch?


Do you think Donald Trump will learn a lesson and watch his tongue a bit better after the impeachment?

I don't think so. I think he's going to continue to be the same brash, impulsive person that he is.

Should I move to a big city and sell commercial real estate? I currently live in a medium sized college town and consistently make a little over 100k selling residential. Just kind of at a plateau.

There is no crystal ball that can accurately predict the future of any particular market, so the best answer is: it depends. It would be wise to consult with a few different brokerages in your target city to get a feel for the market there and whether or not you think you could be successful.

What is more sacred for courts and lawyers ? Marriage or money ?

In the eyes of the law, marriage is a sacred institution. Money, on the other hand, is a commodity.

Can food help internal bleeding?

There is no evidence that food can help internal bleeding, and in fact, it may make the situation worse.

How can someone sin against the Holy Ghost since it’s the only kind of sin that cannot be forgiven?

There are a few different interpretations of what it means to sin against the Holy Spirit, but the general consensus is that it is a sin so serious and blasphemous that it cannot be forgiven. This is because the Holy Spirit is seen as a direct representation of God, and to commit a sin against it would be to commit a sin against God Himself.

Should I play field hockey in high school? What kind of qualities should I have in order to be a good fit for it?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on a variety of factors including your personal preferences, skills, and abilities. However, if you are interested in playing field hockey at the high school level, you should consider whether you have the following qualities:

-Good hand-eye coordination
-The ability to run long distances

What is a 2x4 called in Australia?

a two-by-four

What is Apple’s Slofie the new fad on selfie-crazy social media?

Apple's Slofie is a new fad on selfie-crazy social media.

What is the process for opening a new school with CBSE grand in India, particularly in Maharashtra?

There is no single process for opening a new school with CBSE affiliation in India. Each state has its own procedure, and Maharashtra is no different. Some of the steps that may be required include:

1. Obtaining recognition from the state government.

2. Applying for affiliation with the CBSE.

3. Fulfilling various infrastructure and personnel requirements.

4. Getting the school registered with the appropriate local authorities.

How can you find a genuine good psychic when you urgently need one in a vital case?

A good way to find a genuine psychic is to ask for referrals from friends or family. You can also search online for reviews of psychics.

What is the best place in the US to play soccer? I want to return to the US to play for a semi pro soccer team.

This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many different levels of semi-pro soccer teams in the US. Some regions may have higher levels of play than others. A good place to start your search might be at the US Soccer Federation website.

Which member of the Straw Hats is the most suited to be the first mate?

The first mate should ideally be someone who is level-headed and intelligent, able to take charge in the captain's absence. In the Straw Hats, this would probably be Zoro or Sanji.

How do you keep a fried egg from spreading all over the pan?

Use a small pan, cook on low heat, and add oil to the pan before adding the egg.

Y Combinator: How do founders accepted into YC typically spend their initial $120k in funding?

There is no set answer to this question, as every founder's situation is unique and every company has different needs. However, some common ways that Y Combinator founders often choose to spend their initial $120,000 in funding include hiring new team members, developing new products or features, conducting market research, or scaling up their operations.

Is murder bad karma?

Some people believe that murder is bad karma because it causes suffering for the victim and their loved ones. Other people believe that murder is a natural part of the cycle of life and death, and that the karmic repercussions will eventually balance out.

In which sector were maximum plan allocation and priorities given in the 12th five-year plan in Assam?

The maximum plan allocation and priorities given in the 12th five-year plan in Assam was in the sector of transport.

Where do I add GATE result in resume?

The GATE score is generally mentioned in the resume under the "Achievements" section.

Why is there so much unfair criticism being directed at Sam Harris?

There is no clear answer, but one possibility is that Harris is an easy target for criticism because he is a highly visible and outspoken atheist. Additionally, some of Harris' views on topics such as Islam and violence may be controversial or unpopular, which could make him a target for criticism.

As a writer of a fictional novel, what are some ways you find yourself describing your novel's plot and value to others in casual conversation? What are some challenges to describing such a large part of your life briefly?

Some ways that I find myself describing my novel's plot and value to others in casual conversation are by talking about the main characters and what they are struggling with, the themes of the novel, and the overall story arc. One challenge to describing such a large part of my life briefly is that it can be difficult to capture the nuances and depth of the novel in a short conversation. Another challenge is that I may get questions about the plot that I don't want to spoil for potential readers.

Is a demi-girl under the non-binary spectrum?

A demi-girl is a person who identifies partially as a woman. Non-binary is an umbrella term for people who identify as neither entirely male nor entirely female. Therefore, a demi-girl could be considered non-binary.

Suppose the cabin crew in a flight ask me to get off the plane just because other passengers don't want me there. What are my rights? Can I refuse?

If the passengers on a plane do not want someone on board, the airline may ask that person to get off the plane. This is called being "bumped." The airline must first ask for volunteers to give up their seats. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline will choose who gets bumped based on its own policies.

What would be the worst thing that could happen to an American who went to go help the Hong Kong protest?

The worst thing that could happen to an American who went to go help the Hong Kong protest is that they could get arrested and deported back to the United States.

What is the best SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) course in 2019 out there to get you started on your own agency, and why?

The best SMMA course in 2019 is the Social Media Marketing Agency Course by Neil Patel. This course provides everything you need to start and grow your own social media marketing agency. It includes over 33 hours of video content, downloadable resources, and lifetime access.

What is a word that rhymes with Pastor?


Why is Kerala a land of contrasts?

There are many reasons why Kerala is a land of contrasts. For one, the state is home to a wide range of ethnic and religious groups. This diversity is reflected in the state's culture, which is a mix of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and other traditions. Kerala also has a long history of foreign trade and migration, which has resulted in a unique blend of cultures. Additionally, the state's geography is strikingly varied, with everything from coastal regions to mountains and forests. All of these factors contribute to Kerala's reputation as a land of contrasts.

With all these conflicting diets and health studies how am I supposed to know what I truly should be eating?

By commonsense, of course! Anything that the pundits sayconflicts with your own experience, is probably yet another example of dangerous nutritional misinformation. It’s essential to your survival that you get it out of your head now, because knowledge based on incorrect assumptions about health will lead to terrible mistakes that worsen your health and shorten your life.

Listen to Your Body Talk To You - Iron-clad facts are difficult to come by these days in the nutritional field, but one fact we do know is that if you do not feel well; of if you feel unwell after substituting particular foods in your diet, you should find out what might be causing those negative reactions. Start by eliminating the foods which make you depressed or lethargic or aggravate an existing condition so that you can then observe differences in other foods. Although it is widely considered a scientifically sound approach, this “experimentation with meals” was largely ignored by modern nutrition research until very recently as good medical science considers it too tedious/expensive. But molecular biologist John Writer listed hundreds of such singular dietary elevations with well-documented effects showing that our whole dietary awareness has been under utilized (http://www.westonaprice.org/journal-articles/are-all-diseases-caused-by-nutritional). Once you have experimented with different diets based on common sense observations about how your body responds to food, don’t get caught up in current fad diet dogma which changes faster than fashionable clothing once did (rather than pay attention to changeable fashions these days unless they are aimed at improving health). After being virtually unknown two hundred years ago, vitamin deficiencies and deficiencies of minerals were identified as major health problems throughout the world and this was followed some years later with identification of protein as a base food source considered essential to human health. Now we are seeing studies pointing out the far more significant role of healthy fats in a human’s diet than has ever been previously considered important and increasingly focusing on the dangers of carbs (they are not the virtue they were once thought to be). After scientist Dr Seema Hirani reported how she learned more from her children who were much better able to understand issues, including issues relating to nutrition, than she had expected (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvuW3qV7Weg), perhaps we should also learn from our flexible nutritional approach particularly given further evidence

Did Barack Obama do enough for the black community?

Some people in the black community feel that President Obama could have done more to help improve economic conditions and opportunities. Others believe that he did what he could given the constraints of the political process.

Why doesn’t The Science Channel make content available for people of science? Sure, keep the same programming for kids on Saturday morning but otherwise, keep it to science.

The Science Channel is geared towards a more general audience, so they make content that is accessible to people without a scientific background. They want to communicate the importance of science to everyone, not just people who are already interested in the subject.

How do you say "please don't believe what they say" in Hebrew?

אנא אל תאמין למה שהם אומרים

How does club factory offer a very low price?

There are a few reasons that Club Factory is able to offer such low prices on their items. One reason is that they work directly with manufacturers and suppliers, cutting out any middlemen. This allows them to get the products at a lower cost, which they can then pass on to the customer. They also order large quantities of products, which helps to lower the unit cost. Finally, they use a variety of marketing and promotional strategies to drive traffic to their website, which helps to generate sales and lower the overall cost of the products.

Is there any possibility to escape from radar detection?

There are many potential ways to escape radar detection, including using computer software to mask a radar signature, using physical objects to block or reflect radar signals, and using electrical or electromagnetic jamming to interfere with radar equipment.

How important was the Netflix Prize for the Recommender Systems area?

The Netflix Prize was a very significant event for the recommender systems area. It was one of the first competitions of its kind and it really helped to advance the state of the art in recommender systems.

I have uncontrolled thoughts and images of my immune system attacking my heart. I'm afraid these images will cause it to happen and I could drop dead at any moment. Is this possible?

There is no evidence that thinking about something will cause it to happen.

What light to use with krunising pendant lamp ikea so that it doesn't hurt eyes in the bedroom?

The best light to use with a krunising pendant lamp ikea would be a low wattage LED bulb. This will provide a soft, diffused light that won't hurt eyes in the bedroom.

What do hidden recording devices look like?

There are many hidden recording devices that look like everyday objects. For example, there are hidden cameras that look like pens, alarm clocks, and smoke detectors. There are also hidden microphones that look like buttons and plants.

Will the Union Budget 2018 help Modi in the 2019 elections?

The Union Budget 2018 is designed to appeal to farmers and rural Indians, who are a key target demographic for the 2019 elections. The budget includes a number of measures that are likely to benefit this group, including an increase in funding for rural infrastructure and social welfare programs. Whether or not these measures will be enough to sway voters in the 2019 elections remains to be seen.

If a Glock 17 has an automatic conversion kit on it is it more likely to break?

No, an automatic conversion kit will not make a Glock more likely to break.

Are there really police officers that kick in and break your headlight then consequently write you a citation for a broken headlight or does that just happen in the movies?

I have never heard of this happening in real life, only in movies.

Shias mandate a minimum of three daily prayers while Sunnis prescribe five daily obligatory prayers. Which of the two prescriptions is more rational or logical?

Please specify on the basis of logic, jurisprudence and personal understanding.

There is no clear answer to this question as it depends on individual interpretation. Some people may argue that the Shia prescription is more rational or logical as it requires a minimum of three daily prayers, while others may argue that the Sunni prescription is more rational or logical as it requires five daily obligatory prayers. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which prescription they believe is more rational or logical.

Will competitive exams like the JEE and the NEET still take place following the spread of Coronavirus in India?

As of now, there is no official statement from the authorities regarding the postponement or cancellation of the competitive exams in India.

In the book 'Gone With the Wind', how many months actually pass during Melanie's pregnancy?

The book spans a time period of about three years, although Melanie's pregnancy itself lasts only about nine months.

Is all of the North/South Korean border monitored and patrolled on either side? Is there a sort of 'no mans land' anywhere or is every inch surveilled?

I am not sure about every inch, but the DMZ is one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world.

My business is on track to make $10k in profit monthly, 12 months in. How much is it valued at?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the business, including its overhead costs, operating expenses, and other factors. Generally speaking, a business that is earning $10,000 in profit each month would be valued at around $120,000.

Generally speaking, why are ordinary citizens under the Nazi regime viewed as perpetrators of its evils more than those living under the Soviet one?

This is a difficult question. Some historians would say that it is because the Nazi regime was based on a racial ideology that divided people into categories of "superior" and "inferior." Others might say that it is because the Soviet regime was based on a class-based ideology, which did not view ordinary citizens as potential enemies. Finally, some might say that it is because the Nazi regime was much more effective in controlling information and propaganda than the Soviet regime.

What are some good free software for making Textures?

GIMP, Photoshop, and Paint.net are some good free software for making Textures.

Can only graduates apply for the central teacher eligibility test?

No, anyone who meets the eligibility requirements can apply for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test.

What topic of Java should I lean to be Android developer?

To be an Android developer, you will need to learn Java.

Why will a commercial building architect consider high rise leaving unused open space than designing more horizontally spread building to utilize maximum available plot?

There are several reasons why commercial building architects might consider designing a high-rise building with unused open space rather than a more horizontally spread building. First, high-rise buildings generally have higher rental rates and can therefore generate more revenue for the owner. Second, high-rise buildings are often more efficient to build and operate than lower buildings, since they require less land and fewer materials. Finally, high-rise buildings typically have better views and can be more easily seen from afar, which can be beneficial for marketing and branding purposes.

What is the effective difference to laundry between using a front leader's additional soak function, or using the pre-wash function, where both are available?

There is no effective difference to laundry between using a front leader's additional soak function, or using the pre-wash function. These two functions serve the same purpose and will get the clothes just as clean.

Have you ever had a patient who always complained that they had lost their sleep drive?


Who is ready for Halloween?

I am ready for Halloween!

What are some examples of brick and mortar stores effectively using mobile to get store traffic?

Some examples of brick and mortar stores effectively using mobile to get store traffic are by offering exclusive deals and discounts to mobile users, sending push notifications about sales and promotions, and using location-based marketing to target customers near the store.

How come certain websites provide huge offers?

There are many reasons why a website may provide a huge offer. Sometimes businesses need to get rid of inventory quickly, so they offer deep discounts. Other times, a website may be running a promotion or sale in order to attract new customers. Still other times, a company may be offering a loyalty discount to existing customers. Whatever the reason, huge offers can be a great way to save money on your online purchases.

Why do Monday mornings seem so tough?

There is a general feeling that Monday mornings are tough because they are the start of the work week. For many people, this means getting up early after a weekend of relaxation and trying to get back into a productive mindset. The Monday morning blues are a real phenomenon, and there are many theories as to why they occur. One theory is that people are more likely to feel down on Mondays because they are starting a new week and may be facing a lot of challenges at work. Another theory is that the weekend is over and people are already feeling homesick for the weekend by the time Monday morning rolls around. Whatever the reason, Monday mornings can be tough for many people.

If Pokemon were real, would you catch one via battling or befriend it via communication?

I would try to befriend it via communication first. If that doesn't work, then I would catch it via battling.

Are Vastu Shastra (science of building) and Jyotish (astrology) proven scientific studies?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claims made by vastu shastra or jyotish.

Will Beam Fiber ever come to Delhi?

No, there are no plans to bring Beam Fiber to Delhi.

What were the top headlines from twenty years ago today?

August 29, 1995:

1. Severe flooding in South India causes thousands of deaths
2. President Clinton unveils $160 billion budget plan
3. Two major earthquakes hit Mexico City
4. European Union adopts the euro currency
5. O.J. Simpson trial begins in Los Angeles

When we abbreviate the word “number” as “no.”, where does the “o” come from?

The "o" in "no." is a zero.

For personal journal writing, which type of pen lasts longer (i.e. does not fade, stays "crisp")?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the individual's preferences and writing habits. Some people find that pens with fine tips last longer, while others prefer pens with medium or broad tips. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment with different types of pens to see which ones produce the best results.

What’s a difficult patient for doctors?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each doctor will have a different opinion on what constitutes a difficult patient. However, some common characteristics of difficult patients that doctors may cite include those who are:

1. Non-compliant with treatment regimens

2. Frequently missed appointments

3. excessively rude or combative

4. Require a large amount of time and attention

5. Refuse to follow recommended lifestyle changes

Why, when people are remodelling / rebuilding houses in the UK, do they often leave one or two small bits of wall standing instead of knocking everything down?

There may be a number of reasons for this. In some cases, it may be because the new layout of the house works better with a couple of existing walls left in place. In other cases, it may be because leaving a few existing walls standing saves time and money on the construction process.

Which Indian dynasty or kingdom actually used elephants in warfare?

The Nanda Dynasty

Why exactly do atheisticalarianized radicals claim that they take the "logical" and "scientific" position, when science itself has many concepts which seem completely ridiculous, such as matter being the same as energy [really, the light that comes out of a bulb is essentially the same as one's shoe?] Context: https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/108386/jewish/Proof-of-Gds-Existence.htm/?

fbclid=IwAR0ZidwpyrHKgHbe6CX9YGps1RzlrE67y-SMwH_b2Qse87rI3qNsBLdiBTs It appears much more logical to believe that G about our universe, with all of its inherent purpose and meaning in its every molecule, atom and subatomic particle (see the articles just cited from https://asknoah.org/ Which presents a wide variety of scientific studies).

In short you're only accepting the things in science that fit with your bias but rejecting anything that contradicts what you want to believe.

Science is constantly evolving, as we get a better understanding on how certain things work we are able to correct some previous assumptions. I'm sure one day scientists will look back at our current understanding of matter and energy and say we got it all wrong.

4:24:23 PM

Does Sikhism have any rite of passage (coming of age) rituals?

There are a few Sikh coming of age rituals, but they are not as important or as well-known as some of the other rites of passage in Sikhism. The Akhand Path, which is a 48-hour continuous reading of the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, is one such ritual. Another is the Amrit Sanskar, or the Amrit ceremony, which is a ceremonial baptism that Sikhs undergo when they reach adulthood.

What instrument learning app is the most popular?

I am not sure which instrument learning app is the most popular.

Exactly how bad are the emissions from Volkswagen diesels?

The emissions from Volkswagen diesels are bad enough that they were found to violate the Clean Air Act, and the company faces billions of dollars in fines.

Why does Disney continue to remaster classic films rather than release new ones?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask, but one possibility is that Disney Studios is simply trying to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. With new technology constantly emerging, Disney must find ways to keep its classic films looking fresh in order to maintain interest from both older and newer generations of moviegoers.

Did Apple recently make an advertising deal with Youtube (APRIL 2015)?

There is no evidence that Apple has made an advertising deal with YouTube.

How can people protest wind power farms near themselves while simultaneously be against nuclear energy?

There is no universal answer to this question, as different individuals may have different reasons for opposing wind power farms and nuclear energy. Some people may oppose both forms of energy production due to environmental concerns, while others may only oppose one or the other due to economic or security concerns. It is also possible that some people may support one form of energy production but not the other due to personal preferences or beliefs.

"For the world, China's story of poverty reduction is a story of hope, and what's more, a story of the future." Is the preposition "for" correct? Is it better to use "to"? Is it appropriate to repeat "story" three times? If not, how do you revise it?

For the world, China's story of poverty reduction is a story of hope, and what's more, a story of the future.

Which five-star hotels in India have only tissue paper and not water in their toilets?

The Oberoi, Mumbai
The Oberoi, New Delhi
The Rajvilas, Jaipur
The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra
Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Is iPhone 3G still a reasonable phone to use in 2015?

No, the iPhone 3G is not a reasonable phone to use in 2015.

What will be the concrete ground for granting divorce in india?

There is no one concrete ground for granting divorce in India. Some of the grounds that may be invoked by a party seeking divorce include adultery, desertion, cruelty, mental illness, and impotency.

There is likely to be power cuts in Europe during the winter with less gas and oil from Russia. Is the answer a four day week? With an extra day off you save a massive 20% in energy plus extra leisure time means workers can do more in those 4 days

Instead of making consumers worry about cuts or increasing fuel bills, we need a simple shift in working habits. Why is this not on the table?

It’s either that, or I won’t make my 2am Prestwick flight on Sunday due to a power cut……..

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