🔥👉 In an arranged marriage people fall in love with each other because they feel like to,or because they've no other options as they are married already?

"✅👉 In an arranged marriage, people fall in love with each other because they feel like to."

Elliott Lindgren MD
Elliott Lindgren MD

Why do some people trash rental properties (houses, apartments, Airbnb’s, etc.)?

There is no one answer to this question as people can have different motivations for trashing a rental property. Some people may do it maliciously in an act of vandalism, while others may do it unintentionally due to being careless or messy.

Does Wholesale electronic business come in MSME?

No, Wholesale electronic business does not come in MSME.

How do engineers decide what kind of material to use for any fluid? Let's say acids, bases at random temperature?

This is a complicated question because there are many factors to consider, including costs, durability, and compatibility with the substance being transported.

Why do the French love Napoleon?

The French love Napoleon because of his many accomplishments during his time as ruler of France. He is seen as a national hero for his part in the French Revolution, his military victories, and his reforms to the French government and society.

What are the greatest cases of functional/loving incompatibility you know of?

-A mother who is unable to care for her children
-A father who is abusive towards his family
-A couple who consistently argues and fights with each other
-Siblings who are constantly at odds with each other
-Friends who are always gossiping about and backstabbing one another

When two people are fighting, is there a specific Turkish phrase to say "let's stop fighting"?

The Turkish phrase for "let's stop fighting" is "Dövüşmeyelim."

What is the clay tennis stadium that has a roof kind of like sails?

The clay tennis stadium that has a roof kind of like sails is the U.S. Open Stadium.

How are electrical components earthed on a fibreglass car? How does earthing work in any car, given that cars sit on rubber tyres?

In a fibreglass car, the electrical components are earthed by connecting them to a metal plate that is in contact with the ground. The ground provides a path for the electricity to flow from the component to the earth, which is why earthing is important in any car.

What's the best way to scan a million documents?

There is no single "best" way to scan a million documents. However, some methods that may be effective include using high-speed scanners, scanning in batches, and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert scanned images into text files.

What are some Lord of the Rings story spinoffs that would make good movies?

Some possible Lord of the Rings story spinoffs that would make good movies include:

1. Aragorn and Arwen's love story
2. The battle of Helm's Deep
3. Gandalf's battle with the Balrog
4. The destruction of the One Ring
5. Sauron's origins story

What tips do you have to make a restaurant tip jar? Should a pot, jar, or saucer be used, and should customers be able to see how much has already been tipped?

There is no one right way to make a restaurant tip jar, but there are a few things to keep in mind. A pot, jar, or saucer can be used, and customers should be able to see how much has already been tipped. You may also want to consider offering a discount or incentive for customers who leave a tip.

Are college trips useful?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual and what they hope to gain from a college trip. Some students find college trips extremely helpful in getting a feel for what different schoolshave to offer, while others may find them less helpful or even unnecessary. Ultimately, it is up to the student to decide if a college trip is useful for them or not.

Why is it that irony always has to die a thousand deaths and not more or less?

Irony is often thought of as a contrast between what is expected and what actually happens. In other words, it's when things turn out the opposite of what you would expect. So, when something dies a thousand deaths, it means that it fails over and over again, despite everyone's expectations.

What was announced at Apple's September 9th, 2014 press event?

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch

If there were multiple 'good' variants of Kang, why did 'He Who Remains' only allow one timeline?

There is no clear answer, but it may be that He Who Remains saw the potential for Kang to cause great harm and wanted to prevent that by ensuring that only one version of him existed.

Who has the highest rank out of SIF and the Warriors 3?

The highest rank out of SIF and the Warriors 3 is Odin.

How long would it take every single element in a full city to be broken down back to before it was made?

The time it would take for every element in a city to be broken down would depend on the size of the city.

Do you think high schools will continue to institute pass/fail grading systems throughout the upcoming school year?

There is no clear answer, as each high school may have different policies in place. Some high schools may continue to utilize a pass/fail grading system, while others may return to a traditional letter grade system.

How can I make an excellent KickStarter video for a building?

When making a Kickstarter video for a building, you will want to focus on the following:
-The location of the building
-The type of building it is
-The history of the building
-Any unique features of the building
-The reason why you are raising funds for the building
-How the funds will be used
-Your team's qualifications
-What rewards backers can expect

If a man is best man at his best friends wedding & asked a longtime female friend to attend the wedding with him then decides to date another woman does he still take the longtime friend to the wedding & leave his girlfriend out?

It is generally considered rude to invite someone to a wedding and then not include them in the wedding party. If the man has already asked the female friend to be his date to the wedding, he should stick with that plan. If he wants to date someone else, he can ask her to be his date to another event.

What is the mathematical formula for calculating the pressure practiced on an air cushion side with 44 psi in it and a weight of 100 kilogs on it?

The mathematical formula for calculating the pressure on an air cushion side with 44 psi in it and a weight of 100 kg is P = F/A, where P is pressure, F is force, and A is area.

Why don’t U.S. public schools give homework anymore?

There is no one answer to this question, as different schools may have different reasons for not assigning homework. Some possible reasons include a belief that homework is not an effective learning tool, that it puts undue stress on students and families, or that it disproportionately benefits more affluent students.

Can a running US president marry a current president of another country?

There is no law that would prevent a sitting US president from marrying a current president of another country, but it is highly unlikely that it would ever happen.

Does Britain still need immigrants after Brexit?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it will depend on various factors including Britain's future economic needs and immigration policy. However, it is worth noting that even after Brexit, Britain is likely to remain an attractive destination for immigrants from across the world, due to its strong economy and reputation as a tolerant and welcoming society.

What are the best ways to modify seed germination on a salt concentration experiment?

There are several ways to modify seed germination on a salt concentration experiment. One way is to use a higher concentration of salt. This will increase the amount of time it takes for the seeds to germinate. Another way is to use a lower concentration of salt. This will decrease the amount of time it takes for the seeds to germinate.

What does it mean when someone does a rolling eyes face at you when you comment something nice to them?

The person is being sarcastic and does not believe what you are saying.

Are the parents guilty when they want kids but the kids don't want to be born?

This is a difficult question to answer. While the parents may want children, it is ultimately up to the children whether or not they want to be born. If the children do not want to be born, then the parents may be guilty of forcing them into existence.

Is it a sign if you resemble your twin flame's life long celebrity crush?

I don't think so.

Can you develop a muscle memory to work through fatigue and tiredness?


What is the difference between peak power and average power?

Peak power is a measure of the highest amount of power that a device can output over a short period of time. Average power is a measure of the power output over a longer period of time.

What is a she team?

A she team is a law enforcement unit composed entirely of women officers. The term can also refer to all-female teams in other industries, such as sports.

Is it okay to be 14 and be too shy to talk to your cousins and uncles/aunts even though you know them well?

Everyone is different and some people are naturally more shy than others. There is nothing wrong with being shy and it is perfectly okay to be shy around your cousins and uncles/aunts.

What plastic six-pack holders can you use?

Plastic six-pack holders can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to hold and organize bottles and cans, to store food, or to hold and transport beverages.

Can I wear red vest inside white t-shirt, where a strip of red vest is visible? I am wearing red sneakers black jeans and shrug.

I don't see why not.

Why didn't Doctor Strange put Thanos' crew in the mirror dimension?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively as we do not know all of the reasons behind Doctor Strange's actions. However, it is possible that Doctor Strange felt that the mirror dimension would not be able to contain Thanos and his crew effectively. Additionally, Doctor Strange may have felt that he could better protect the Earth if he kept Thanos and his crew in the physical world where he could more easily battle them.

Will I get sued if I copy another company's logo, but slightly change it, and sell it as merchandise?

There is a chance that the company could sue you. It is best to avoid copying another company's logo.

How do I get my dog to be my emotional support animal?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. To get started, you'll need to consult with a licensed mental health professional who can assess your needs and make a determination as to whether or not an emotional support animal would be beneficial for you. If it is determined that an emotional support animal would be helpful, they can provide you with a letter of recommendation that can be used to register your dog as an emotional support animal.

Is it safe for me to go around the United States wearing a free Palestine T-shirt?

Yes, it is generally safe to wear a free Palestine T-shirt in the United States. However, there are some areas where it might not be advisable to do so, depending on the current political and social climate. For example, wearing a free Palestine T-shirt in a predominantly pro-Israel community could result in verbal or physical harassment.

Atheists: Do you believe/think/know that a statement "There's no such thing as supernatural and magical" is ultimate/absolute truth?

No, I don't think that statement is absolute truth.

Which of the two is the independent variable, students undergo blended learning in an English subject or students who undergo blend learning have improved grades in an English subject?

The independent variable would be students who undergo blended learning in an English subject.

"If you love someone, let them go". Why would you ever let somebody you love go?

How can you be an influential force in a person's life if you're separate from them?

There is no simple answer to this question. Sometimes, it is necessary to let go of someone you love in order to allow them to grow and develop into the person they need to be. Other times, it may be necessary to let go of someone you love in order to protect yourself from further hurt. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to let go of someone you love is a personal one that must be made based on the specific situation.

Which one should I pick, Creta 2020 S or Seltos HTK+ based on features, drive quality and value for money?

The Seltos HTK+ is a better option as it offers more features, a better drive quality and more value for money.

A family member has been having serious issues with taking loans often and also signing up for bad sureties for others to earn commissions. He’s not openly communicating what’s going wrong. Is this an addiction or an OCD? How can this be treated?

There are many possible explanations for why someone might take out loans or sign up for bad sureties, so it is difficult to give a definitive answer without knowing more about the specific situation. However, if this behavior is causing significant distress or impairment in functioning, it may be indicative of an underlying mental health condition such as an addiction or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Treatment for these conditions typically includes some combination of medication and psychotherapy. If you are concerned that a loved one may be struggling with a mental health issue, it is important to encourage them to seek professional help.

If Justice League members (comics) were Pokémon gym leaders, what types would they use?

This is a tough question as there are so many different Justice League members and Pokémon types. However, if we had to narrow it down, we would say that Superman would use a Psychic type, Wonder Woman would use a Fairy type, Batman would use a Dark type, The Flash would use an Electric type, Aquaman would use a Water type, and Martian Manhunter would use a Fire type.

What are recommended free online certifications to build my resume/skill set?

There are many free online certifications that can help build your resume and skill set. A few popular options include HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Certification, Google's AdWords Certification, and the Social Media Marketing Certification from Hootsuite.

Does psychology teach you how to manipulate others?

No, psychology does not teach you how to manipulate others.

I was in an awkward situation and a girl said I was cute. How bad is it that she called me cute?

There is nothing bad about being called cute. However, some people might find it awkward if they are not expecting it.

If Canada was invaded by a nation outside of North America, would anybody come to help?

If Canada was invaded by a nation outside of North America, it is unlikely that anybody would come to help. Canada is a member of NATO, but the NATO treaty only requires members to help each other if they are attacked by another nation that is also a member of NATO.

How do I get a drone that can be customized and programmed?

You can purchase a drone that can be customized and programmed from many different retailers. Some examples include Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

After learning stardard German, can a foreigner have difficulties on understanding dialects around Germany?

There can be difficulties understanding dialects around Germany, but it is generally not a problem if the foreigner knows standard German.

What one ingredient often ruins a dish for you?


How does Flipkart generate revenue?

By selling products and services online.

How can I become more self-driven?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it depends on the individual. However, some tips that may help include setting personal goals, taking initiative, and being persistent. Additionally, developing a positive mindset and practicing self-motivation can also be beneficial.

What is the Justice Society of America?

The Justice Society of America is a superhero team that was founded in 1940. The team is composed of some of the world's most renowned heroes, who use their powers to fight crime and defend justice.

Why is porn everywhere? I am not Anti-porn or Pro-porn, yes, I do watch it sometimes. Its online, gas stations, book stores, etc..

Pornography is legal in most countries and there is a large market for it. It is easily accessible because it can be sold and distributed anonymously online.

Why don't they have detectors or stickers on alcohol in the grocery store, or cameras in the aisles like Walmart?

There are a few reasons for this. First, alcohol is a legal product, unlike cigarettes or other items that may be banned in certain states. Second, alcohol is typically sold in larger stores where it would be more difficult to install and maintain detectors or cameras in every aisle. Finally, many people purchase alcohol as part of their regular grocery shopping, so it would be difficult to single out shoppers who are buying alcohol without also inconveniencing a large number of other customers.

I want to know where can i download pirated version of opnet simulator and can anyone here provide me material of omnet++ simulation?


You can not download pirated version of the software from any official source. I would advise you to try some popular dark web websites that deal in this type of service. I don't think that anyone here can provide you with a link. However we can tell you how to use it.

In the prisoner’s dilemma, does one player have to lose for the other player to win?

No, one player does not have to lose for the other player to win.

Will the Affordable Care Act be dismantled before a Republican plan is established after 2020?

The future of the Affordable Care Act is uncertain. Republican lawmakers have been trying to repeal and replace the health care law since it was enacted in 2010, but have so far been unsuccessful. It is possible that the ACA could be dismantled before a Republican plan is established, but it is also possible that the ACA could remain in place.

What is not covered by the media / news but should be?

There are many things that are not covered by the media / news but should be. One example is the lack of coverage of environmental issues. Although there are some news programs that cover environmental issues, they are often overshadowed by other stories. This is a problem because environmental issues are extremely important and need to be publicized in order to raise awareness and encourage people to take action.

Is it a violation of a biker’s freedom of speech to be prohibited from wearing their cuts in public settings like restaurants and bars?

Most likely, yes. However, the Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on this issue.

How can we reinvent the wheel of automotives? Aren’t the current air wheels near obsolete?

One way to reinvent the wheel of automotives would be to create a flying car. Another way would be to create a car that can drive on water.

How hard is it to get into the California Highway Patrol compared to other divisions such as the OC sheriffs?

It typically takes about two years to become a California Highway Patrol officer. The hiring process is competitive and includes a written exam, physical fitness test, and background check.

Why don't/can't stays talk about Woojin? I heard someone say its an unspoken rule, and I'm wondering why?

There isn't a specific reason, it's just become an unspoken rule over time.

If you could have your narcissist abuser arrested but not for the abuse (since unfortunately narcissistic abuse is not illegal) would you? This is my moral dilemma. Would that be justice or revenge? It has been a severely abusive situation.

Please note that I am in no way condoning illegal activities. If you have evidence of a crime, please contact the authorities.

That being said, if you could have your abuser arrested but not for the abuse, would you? This is a difficult question to answer. On one hand, you may feel that it would be justice for the crimes they have committed against you. On the other hand, you may feel that it would be revenge and that it would not serve any real purpose. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and what you think would be best for you.

How do I add two call-to-action buttons on a Facebook page like an attached image?

To add two call-to-action buttons on a Facebook page like the attached image, you will need to edit the Page Settings for your Facebook page. Once you are in your Page Settings, you will need to click on the "Add a Button" option. From here, you will be able to select the type of button you would like to add to your page.

What is the problem with my Zebco real estate?

If your Zebco reel is not working properly, the problem is likely due to one of the following issues:

-The spool is not properly aligned with the center of the reel
-The handle is not properly attached to the reel
-There is something obstructing the smooth operation of the reel

Are there any Coursera/Udacity courses that teach concepts and implementation of data mining techniques like decision trees, clustering, and regression?

There are many Coursera and Udacity courses that teach data mining techniques. For example, the "Data Mining" course on Coursera teaches decision trees, clustering, and regression.

Why is China still on Google Wallet's unsupported countries list and the Play Store practically doesn't work?

One possible reason is that Google Wallet is not yet available in China.

Are there any movies where antidepressants play a major plot role?

I can't think of any movies where antidepressants play a major plot role.

What would the Marines look like if either Aokiji or Kizaru led the Marines (One Piece)?

If Aokiji led the Marines, they would have a strong water presence and be known for their speed and agility. If Kizaru led the Marines, they would have a strong light presence and be known for their accuracy and precision.

Would Renuka Choudhary dare to laugh again?

Is she in need of more money? After winning rupees one lakh from Nach Baliye, she has laughed out loud, what else gap between her teeth is waiting for.

Renuka Choudhary and her husband Sidharth are looking to win rupees one crore in the show Khatron Ke Khiladi anyway. They don’t seem to be bothered with rupees one lakh. Renuka Choudhary says that money has to have its importance at an esteemed place and at home the loving husband Sidharth has it, who plays a worth majorly of ten times than that of one lakh. She further said Siddharth is a very deserving man. It is poor you who is only earned rupees one lakh which is totally unworthy even if seen fifty years later instead of conundrum Khatron Ke Khiladi season two.

Renuka Choudhary goes on saying, “Sidharth very much deserve money though he doesn’t earn much from acting because in India acting as not being given much importance like Yester Police-men used to get respect by virtue of the uniform they wore now Police Station In charge and Traffic Police Officers getting respect from their uniform similarly an actor is required to do the same thing the audience must give respect for him by virtue of his uniform (referring to Acting )This will lead actors to work Determined and serve.

My office building had a sewer main backup that leaked all over the office floors, smelled awful and got everything wet. Yet we were still supposed to continue working! Is this wrong protocol? Our boss said to stop being a baby about it.

This is not right. You should have been evacuated and not made to work in those conditions.

Is Vice-President Mike Pence being hidden while sick with COVID-19?

There is no evidence that Vice President Mike Pence is sick with COVID-19. The vice president's press secretary has said that Pence is healthy and is not being hidden.

Is Country Delight milk good for your health?

Many people believe that consuming milk is good for overall health due to its high calcium content. However, there is no conclusive evidence linking milk consumption to health benefits. Some studies suggest that milk may have health benefits, while other studies found no significant effects. More research is needed to determine the potential health benefits of milk consumption.

Does your 8 hour drug and alcohol course certificate address have to match your current one? If so what if you don’t have mail from your older address to prove you once lived there?

The 8 hour drug and alcohol course certificate does not have to match your current one.

Do the April 25, 2017, bombings by Turkey represent the first time a NATO state has bombed forces backed by another NATO state?


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