🔥👉 Who wants to play recroom w/ me?

"✅👉 I don't know."

Ms. Lottie Bednar Jr.
Ms. Lottie Bednar Jr.

Why does Dr Fauci keep contradicting President Trump. Isn’t his first job to be loyal and respectful?

There is no one reason why Dr. Fauci might contradict President Trump. It is possible that Dr. Fauci disagrees with some of the President's decisions or statements on coronavirus-related issues. Additionally, it is possible that the President and Dr. Fauci simply have different opinions on certain topics related to the pandemic.

Do the Amish live almost perfectly carbon neutral lives?

The Amish live incredibly simple lives with very little modern technology, which means that their carbon footprint is quite small. Many Amish people do not even own cars, and they commonly live off the grid without electricity. Although they are not perfect, the Amish lifestyle is about as close to carbon-neutral as you can get.

I got 80% in ECE field and just qualified in gate, Can anyone suggest the best jobs in my field with my criteria?

There are many good jobs available in the field of electronics and communication engineering, but it really depends on your specific interests and skills. Some possible jobs include working as an electrical engineer, electronic engineer, telecommunications engineer, or computer engineer. There are also many jobs available in the field of research and development, and you could possibly work as a scientist or engineer in this field.

Are the planets’ oceans about to flood all coastal cities?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the oceans are about to flood all coastal cities.

Which pathogen has drug resistant strains called MRSA?

The pathogen that has drug resistant strains called MRSA is Staphylococcus aureus.

My father saw a white shadow a week before he died. What does it mean?

Some people believe that seeing a white shadow before someone dies is a sign that the person's soul is leaving their body.

Does this sentence make sense and would native English speakers speak this way, "My sister picked me up by a car on time."? Is there another way to say it?

The sentence is fine, but a native English speaker might say "My sister picked me up in a car on time."

Will we see a hardcore championship belt return in wwe?

There is no concrete answer, as WWE has not announced any plans to bring back the Hardcore Championship. It is possible that the belt could make a cameo appearance, but it is unlikely that it will be featured prominently on WWE programming.

If I were writing a paper, would it be fair to say that atheists have 'faith' that what they can't see (God), actually doesn't exist?

No, it would not be fair to say that atheists have "faith" that what they can't see (God) actually doesn't exist.

If I get rhinoplasty (nose job), will my child get my old or new nose?

Your child will probably have a nose that is a combination of yours and your partner's.

What joint Muslim-Jewish efforts in social media have promoted Israeli-Palestinian co-existence lately?

Some recent Muslim-Jewish efforts in social media that have promoted Israeli-Palestinian co-existence include the use of hashtags such as #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies and #WeExist, as well as online campaigns and ads featuring Muslim and Jewish Israelis embracing and working together.

Is the Korean Armed Forces in the Pacific?

Korea does not have an official presence in the Pacific Ocean.

What would you say are the best ways to bring arts and culture into your home?

What ways to bring arts and culture into your home would best suit your family?

Can you gargle with hydrogen peroxide after smoking cigarette and the blow in the breathalyzer for a pass reading?

No, this will not help you pass the test.

How can I frame my statement of purpose?

To frame your statement of purpose, you will need to first decide on the purpose of your statement. Once you have decided on the purpose, you can then begin to craft your statement. When crafting your statement, be sure to be clear and concise. You will also want to make sure that your statement flows well and is free of grammatical errors.

Why are sanctions being levied against Russia over trying too kill Alexei Navalny but the Saudis are left too it after chopping up Jamal Khashoggi?

There is no good answer to this question.

How do I reset the play area boundary on Oculus Quest 2?

To reset the play area boundary on Oculus Quest 2:

1. Open the Oculus app on your mobile device.

2. Select Devices from the bottom menu.

3. Select your Quest 2 from the list of devices.

4. Select Reset Experiences from the options listed.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your play area boundary.

What would you do if the cashier sprayed air freshener after the person ahead of you left because they stank and you are allergic to scents/air freshener?

If the cashier sprayed air freshener after the person ahead of you left because they stank and you are allergic to scents/air freshener, I would ask the cashier to stop spraying the air freshener.

Why is the African continent developing slowly?

There is no easy answer to this question. A variety of factors can contribute to slow development in Africa, including poverty, corruption, conflict, environmental degradation, and poor infrastructure.

Why does Australia win so many gold medals at the Olympics?

There are many reasons Australia might win more gold medals per capita at the Olympics than other countries. Some possible reasons include:

- A focus on sport and a culture that values competition, winning, and personal achievement
- Excellent facilities and training programs
- A climate that lends itself to outdoor activities and sports
- Government support for athletes and sporting programs
- A history of success at the Olympics

Why does the total memory reported by the operating system not match the advertised memory of the M5 instance type in Amazon EC2?

The total memory reported by the operating system may not match the advertised memory of the M5 instance type in Amazon EC2 because some of the advertised memory is used by hardware, including memory used by the CPU and chipset, as well as a small amount of memory that is reserved for other purposes.

Why do people who have out of body experiences invent God with invented laws that are easily contradicted?

There is no one answer to this question as people have different reasons for inventing God with invented laws. Some people may do it because they feel a need for a higher power to believe in, while others may do it to control other people or to explain away things that they cannot understand.

How did the Greek letter "Lambda" come to be equated with the Gay community?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but one theory is that the Gay community appropriated the Greek letter "lambda" because it is often used in mathematical and scientific contexts to represent "unity" or "togetherness."

Can we restore energy in the form of a nuclear element?

Nuclear elements cannot be restored or replenished.

Do you think all the covid19 related statistics should importantly add along total daily death due to poverty? Do you think this will force the administration to take a balanced approach while considering solutions towards covid19?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the administration's priorities and values. However, if adding the total daily death toll due to poverty would force the administration to take a more balanced approach to solving the Covid-19 pandemic, then it may be a worthwhile addition to statistics.

What toe issues have you developed as a regular runner?

I have developed blisters on my toes from running.

How do you join the open-source database community to contribute? Like openGauss\MySQL

There is no one way to join the open source database community. However, some ways to get involved include attending community events, contributing code or documentation, or helping to answer questions on online forums.

What is the differences between proactive, reactive, and initiative person behaviour?

Initiative behavior refers to taking action on one's own without being asked. Proactive behavior goes a step beyond initiative by anticipating what needs to be done and taking action accordingly. Reactive behavior is the opposite of proactive behavior; it involves waiting for things to happen and then taking appropriate action.

Can you name a Major card that offers 2.5% (or more) cashback on ALL purchases (not categories)?

The Citi Double Cash card offers 2% cash back on all purchases - 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay your bill.

And as the President walks down the stairs, PRISM and ECHELON will have scanned for any suspicious activity within many miles. That implies what?

the US government may be using these programs to spy on its own citizens.

Why is being wrong or incorrect on anything or ignorant about something so frowned upon?

There can be a number of reasons why being wrong or incorrect is frowned upon. One reason may be that it indicates a lack of understanding or knowledge on the subject matter. Additionally, being wrong can also lead to negative consequences such as losing points in a game or getting a lower grade on an assignment. Finally, others may simply view it as a personal failing or sign of stupidity. Whatever the reason, it is generally seen as better to be correct than incorrect.

How can I target the Dubai audience for my site?

There are a number of ways that you can target the Dubai audience for your site:

1. Use keyword research to identify relevant keywords that are being used by people in Dubai when searching for content related to your site. Use these keywords throughout your site, including in your title tags, meta descriptions, and headings.

2. Use Google AdWords to run targeted ads specifically to people in Dubai.

3. Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to people in Dubai and promote your site.

4. Optimize your site for mobile devices, as a large percentage of people in Dubai use smartphones and tablets to access the internet.

Is America primarily an idea or a geography?

It is both.

A friend of mine got pulled over in Maine for having wide tires that stick out. The officer took his inspection sticker off the window, and got his address wrong on a summons. Any good defense methods? Thanks!

Yes, get a Maine attorney to represent him in court.

I am in 4th year of my college. Is it too late to start competitve programming & participate in IOI and ICPC?

No, it's not too late. From firsthand experience, my friend was 20 years old entering college and was doing very well in programming competitions. There are more exceptions where people who started later on still made it far, so as long as you put enough effort into it, you should probably be fine.

How do spiders survive in dark basements where there is no noticeable food supply?

Spiders are predators and most of them feed on insects and other small arthropods. Some spiders may also eat fruits, plants, and small vertebrates.

What is the most frightening book you've read, fiction or otherwise?

The Paintedbird by Jerzy Kosinski

Can anyone crack the JEE main without coaching?

It is not impossible to crack the JEE main without coaching. It depends on many factors such as how much time you can devote to studies, your capabilities, etc.

How did you convince a parent that human-caused climate change is real?

There are a few ways that you could convince a parent that human-caused climate change is real. One way would be to explain the science behind climate change and how it is happening. You could also show them data or studies that have been done on the topic. Finally, you could tell them about the ways that climate change is already affecting people and the environment.

What are your favorite canceled TV shows to end on a major cliffhanger? What would you have liked to see to following season had it not been canceled?

I was a big fan of the show "Firefly" and was extremely disappointed when it was canceled. I would have liked to see the following season explore the relationships between the characters more, as well as see them continue to battle the Alliance.

How did you celebrate Bird Feeding Month?

I celebrated Bird Feeding Month by putting out a bird feeder in my yard and filling it with bird seed. I also made sure to keep the feeder clean and filled with fresh seed throughout the month.

Are food taste testing mostly positive?

It is difficult to generalize the results of food taste testing because it can depend on the food, the taster's preferences, and other factors. However, in general, food taste testing can be either positive or negative.

What is graduation week like at Harvard, and is it really worth it to get in line at the gates at 6AM on graduation day?

I cannot speak for Harvard specifically, but graduation week is generally a very busy and exciting time for students and their families. It is definitely worth it to get in line early for graduation day. Most schools will allow students to line up early in the morning, and it is usually first-come, first-serve for seating. Students who arrive early are usually able to get better seats for themselves and their guests.

What are the important factors to include in your elevator pitch before your MVP has been created?

There are a couple important factors to include in your elevator pitch before your MVP has been created:

1. Problem: You must first identify the problem that your potential customer has that you are solving with your product.

2. Solution: Next, you'll want to briefly mention your proposed solution to the problem.

3. Benefits: Finally, you'll want to list out the benefits of your product or service. This will help convince the customer that your product is worth their investment.

How do I center a chart in Excel?

To center a chart horizontally on a worksheet, you can change the chart's x-axis labels. To center a chart vertically on a worksheet, you can change the alignment of the legend or axis titles. If your chart contains a lot of data, you might need to scroll to see all of the data on the x-axis.

Why does the US spend so much on their military if in the event of a serious conflict many countries have access to nuclear weapons and would render standard U.S military equipment useless?

The US spends a lot on their military because, in the event of a serious conflict, many countries would have access to nuclear weapons and would render standard US military equipment useless.

How would the introduction of a new payment system like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook's P2P, and SnapCash affect the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

The introduction of a new payment system like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook's P2P, and SnapCash would affect the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin by introducing more competition into the market.Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin would need to find a way to differentiate themselves in order to stay relevant and continue to be adopted by users.

How do most Canadians, Americans, British & Europeans deal with the fact that apart from very infrequent tourism, 9 times out of 10 they cannot move to live & work in Australia, as the laws prohibit most from doing so? It is outside of their reach?

It is outside of their reach.

If price is not a constraint, which is the best smart phone around?

There is no clear "best" smartphone on the market, as this largely depends on personal preferences. Some of the most popular high-end smartphones include the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Huawei Mate.

Is it better to have an ethnostate or a multi-ethnic state? I think German exceptionalism/dominance in the Austrian Empire had proved that multi-ethnic states always produce ethnic-tension and racism, while ethnostates are seen as subtly racist?

There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on a variety of factors, including the history and culture of the specific country in question.

Is Speaker Pelosi’s strategy of not turning over the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate until assurances of a fair trial are reached a good strategy?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on one's interpretation of the situation. Some people may view Pelosi's strategy as a way to ensure that the Senate conducts a fair trial, while others may see it as a delaying tactic that is not in the best interest of the American people.

How do you buy a Shawn Mendes The Tour Meet & Greet with normal concert ticket?

There is no guarantee you will be able to buy a Shawn Mendes The Tour Meet & Greet with normal concert ticket. However, you may be able to find one through a fan club presale or an online auction site.

Are birds real, or are they government surveillance drones?

There is no clear answer, and opinions on this matter vary widely. Some people believe that birds are real, while others believe that they may be government surveillance drones in disguise.

Can I substitute brown sugar for white sugar in bread?

Yes, you can substitute brown sugar for white sugar in bread. The bread will be a little sweeter and have a more brown sugar flavor.

Have you ever come across any suspiciously weird activity in any of your apps or software?

No, I haven't.

How do problems with the mother's circadian rhythm affect the gestation of her baby?

If the mother's circadian rhythm is out of sync, it can affect the gestation of her baby. For example, if the mother is sleep-deprived, it can lead to premature labor.

Why is software testing tougher than hardware testing?

There are many reasons why software testing is tougher than hardware testing. One reason is that there are an infinite number of ways to use software, so it is impossible to test every possible combination of inputs and outputs. Hardware, on the other hand, is much more limited in the ways it can be used, so it is easier to test every possible combination of inputs and outputs. Another reason is that software can contain bugs that do not cause any visible problems. These "hidden" bugs can be very difficult to find.

Is Quora's new dark mode good or bad?

I think it is good because it is easier on the eyes in low light conditions.

Does conservatism do more than what it claims to do (ex. small federal government)?

There is no one answer to this question as conservatism is a political ideology with many different branches and interpretations. Some conservatives may want to shrink the federal government while others may not believe in federal intervention at all. Some conservatives may also promote social issues such as traditional marriage while others may not.

How advanced is USA military technology?

USA military technology is among the most advanced in the world.

Is FMCG volume growth slowed in May as buyers cut spending?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the specific FMCG products and brands in question. However, overall spending on FMCG products seems to have slowed down in May compared to previous months, with some shoppers cutting back on their purchasing in order to save money. This could suggest that volume growth for FMCG products has also slowed down, although this is not necessarily the case for all products and brands.

I open-mouth kissed a horse once. What should I do?

There is no definitive answer, but typically one would consult a veterinarian or horse trainer for guidance.

How much can sandwiching a thin steel plate either side of a magnet increase its pull?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the strength of the magnet and the thickness of the steel plate. However, it is generally accepted that sandwiching a thin steel plate either side of a magnet can significantly increase its pull.

What does the moniker "quantum" really mean when applied to computing, information, field theory, algorithms, etc.?

The term "quantum" in this context refers to the fact that these fields of study are based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that deals with the behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.

What does context mean in design?

Context is the environment in which a design exists. It includes factors such as the culture, values, and history of the people who will use the design, as well as the physical environment in which it will exist.

Were Gandharvas fighting mildly against Arjuna? Why didn't they climb on Arjuna's chariot like they did with Karna?

The entire Gandharva Nagas were born from Bharata's wife, Mandakini.

They also fought for a month more against the two halves of the army,
O great king!
Then I saw an extraordinary creation in the battlefield give delight to Karna. It was the Gandharvas and their chariots.*
<code>*The Gandharvas were born from Shesha. Naga means serpent or snake. Viz., Manasa is a Naga, Ananta is also a Naga or Shesha. They are different species with different characteristics. Manasa means snakes derived from earth, that is, they don’t have any legs or arms and go on crawling like serpents or snakes while closing or contracting their bodies inside their stomachs can swim in all directions including sideways through ponds and natural waterfalls like rivers, brooks, lakes and streams and ocean. But Shesha creates extragalactic forms of Naga through his hoods by moving it slightly, which have the shape of small assemblages of creations like airships, bamboos, buildings, bullock-carts, carts removed by bulls for carrying concentrated materials like straw bundled over them but without loading animals called Asshtapatha Brahmanas broke from Maha Brahmanas having this name Ashtapatha Brahmana broken from Brahma he creates Shesha to be the lord because He (Shesha) pervades this entire world within himself and outside of it is said that there are those things created by him lying beyond Him outside our world above the nine planets up to seven worlds in dimensions and dimensions more than that being extra-terrestrial upperly diversified have been created by him with his stretched become things multitudinous elsewise elsewhere remainingnesses outwardly with identical general wise as they remain complete within him together with space itself lying beyond these words as well i.e., these individuals and worlds —Nagavali garanasya puthrassaavalim ca prabham— placed apart thus scattered around are thrice seven nadis inhabiting them thus —NAGAS— (which seat [asthisu] themselves

Can you call cops for just about anything, or does it have to be only major concerns?

In the United States, you can call the police for anything. However, if it is a minor concern, they may not do anything about it.

Why wasn’t Chiang Kai Shek able to eliminate the Communists during their Long March?

Chiang Kai Shek was the leader of the Nationalist Party in China, and the Communists were led by Mao Zedong. The two sides were fighting for control of China during the Chinese Civil War. The Nationalists were better equipped and had more soldiers, but the Communists were more determined and motivated. The Communists also had the support of the Soviet Union, which supplied them with weapons and other supplies.

The Communist Party launched a massive military campaign in October 1934 known as the Long March. The goal of the march was to evade capture by the Nationalist army and reach safety in the communist stronghold of Shaanxi Province. During the march, the communists fought several battles against the Nationalists and lost many men. However, they eventually reached their destination and regrouped.

Chiang Kai Shek was unable to eliminate the Communists during their Long March because they were able to escape and regroup. The Communists also had the support of the Soviet Union, which supplied them with weapons and other supplies.

Should the critical illness policy be taken from a health insurance or life insurance provider?

The policy should be taken from a life insurance provider.

What makes diamonds so special?

There are many reasons diamonds are special. They are the hardest natural substance, they have great durability, they are scarce, and they have a wide range of colors.

What is some of the most profound or philosophical art (art in any form)?

Some of the most profound or philosophical art includes works by Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Many Southerners justified slavery because, they said, only blacks were physically capable of working cotton or tobacco fields in that climate. Is there really any substantial difference in the abilities of blacks and whites to work in extreme heat?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that blacks are better able to withstand extreme heat than whites. However, there are some physiological differences that may give blacks a slight advantage. For example, blacks have more sweat glands than whites, which helps them to stay cooler in hot environments. Additionally, the melanin in black skin provides some protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

What is the difference between Abhinaya and Bhava in Bharatanatyam?

The main difference between abhinaya and bhava is that abhinaya refers to the expression of ideas, emotions, and stories through gestures, while bhava refers to the emotions themselves. Abhinaya is a broader term that includes all the methods used to communicate emotions, while bhava specifically refers to the emotions themselves.

What are the top 10 high return companies in the Indian share market?

There is no definitive answer to this question since share prices and company performance can change rapidly and unexpectedly. However, as of July 2019, some of the top 10 companies in terms of highest share price and market capitalisation on the National Stock Exchange of India are Tata Consultancy Services, Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Hindustan Unilever, Housing Development Finance Corporation, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Infosys, Bajaj Finance, Bharti Airtel and Maruti Suzuki India.

How can you tell which center your application is being processed by within the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)?

There is no way to tell which center is processing your application.

Can I quit Deloitte in 1 month of joining since I am not liking it yesterday?


Are all covert narcissists shy and/or introverted? Mine is very warm, friendly, patient, and helpful in public but is detached, cold, and frequently cruel at home.

There is no one answer to this question since people can exhibit different personalities in different situations. Some covert narcissists may be shy and introverted in public but more outgoing and extroverted in private, while others may be the reverse. Ultimately, it depends on the individual.

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